ROSEN Test to objectively evaluate feed additives in poultry

Published on: 11/29/2013
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Presentation done at the EAAP Scientific Congress – August 2013

Gordon Rosen is a scientist who has established a model made up of 7 criteria in order to objectively evaluate the efficiency of feed additives on animals’ performance (2004).

The following table compares the data obtained with B-SAFE in poultry to the data expected by ROSEN for the 7 criteria, enabling to determinate if B-SAFE can be considered as an efficient feed additive. 

The 36 trials carried out in poultry allow concluding that B-SAFE responds to all Rosen’s criteria

B-SAFE obtains positive results in 7.4 trials out of 10 (36 trials) 

In non-optimum sanitary conditions (challenge = field), B-SAFE expected gains are higher than in R&D centers (=non challenge). 


By the analysis of 36 trials carried out on poultry, B-SAFE proves that it can be considered as an efficient feed additive, answering positively to the 7 criteria of Rosen’s screen. B-SAFE is objectively a reliable and cost-effective solution to improve significantly zootechnical performances.



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