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Article published the December 1, 2021:

Effects of Dietary Maltol on Innate Immunity, Gut Health, and Growth Performance of Broiler Chickens Challenged With Eimeria maxima

INTRODUCTION Eimeria spp. are the etiologic agents of avian coccidiosis, an intestinal disease responsible for an economic loss of more than $3 billion per year (1, 2). Increasing implementation of antibioticfr...
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Alexandra SmithHyun LillehojInkyung ParkSamiru SudharakaTom Rehberger
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Article published the November 16, 2021:

Effects of Eimeria maxima and Clostridium perfringens infections on cecal microbial composition and the possible correlation with body weight gain in broiler chickens

1. IntroductionFood safety and economic gains are the priority consideration for food animal production industry. The antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) have been used in animal feed for decades to promote anima...
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Charles LiHyun Lillehoj
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Article published the November 2, 2021:

Evaluation of oocyst shedding of Eimeria maxima and Eimeria acervulina in broiler chickens

INTRODUCTIONCoccidiosis presently proves to be a major and pressing protozoan disease in the poultry industry worldwide (Dalloul and Lillehoj, 2006). Coccidiosis is caused by a protozoan parasite from the genus...
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Billy HargisChristine VuongDanielle GrahamGuillermo TellezRoberto Señas CuestaSergio Martinez GonzalezXochitl Hernandez
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Article published the July 14, 2021:

“In vitro” effectiveness of PhytoErad© against red mites

Infestation by red mitesDermanyssus gallinae (also known as red mite or poultry mite) is an ectoparasite of poultry that feeds on the blood of the animal. It causes itching, general discomfort, stress, anemia, ...
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Article published the February 24, 2021:

Managing Free-Range Laying Hens—Part B: Early Range Users Have More Pathology Findings at the End of Lay but Have a Significantly Higher Chance of Survival—An Indicative Study

1. IntroductionOne of the main goals of free-range egg production is to optimise laying performance and egg quality while supporting hen health and welfare. However, opportunities provided in the free-range sys...
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Cormac O´SheaDr Isabelle RuhnkeJéssica De Souza Vilela Terence Sibanda
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Article published the January 7, 2021:

Establishment of a blackhead challenge model using nitarsone as a reference treatment

Author/s :
Billy HargisChristine VuongMakenly Coles
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Article published the December 4, 2020:

Novel vaccine antigens identified by chicken monoclonal antibodies against apicomplexans

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Hyun LillehojKazumi Sasai
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Article published the October 9, 2020:

Eimeria tenella Elongation Factor-1a (EF-1a) Coadministered with Chicken IL-7 (chIL-7) DNA Vaccine Emulsified in Montanide Gel 01 Adjuvant Enhanced the Immune Response to E. acervulina Infection in Broiler Chickens

Avian coccidiosis is one of the most economically damaging infectious diseases affecting poultry. The etiologic agent is Eimeria spp., an obligate eukaryotic intracellular parasite belonging to the phylum Apico...
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Alfredo PanebraHyun Lillehoj
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Article published the July 2, 2020:

Identifying Intra-Specific Variability in the Virulence of Eimeria tenella Using SCAR Markers

INTRODUCTIONCoccidiosis, caused by protozoa of the genus Eimeria, is one of the most important parasitic diseases in chickens and is characterized by intestinal lesions, blood loss, body weight loss, a poor fee...
Author/s :
Abeer F. El-NahasHany EllakanyNahed El-shallWael Elfeil
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Article published the June 23, 2020:

Association of mechanical cleaning and a liquid preparation of diatomaceous earth in the management of poultry red mite, Dermanyssus gallinae (Mesostigmata: Dermanyssidae)

Author/s :
Daian OliveiraLuis AlvesolivierRui Pedro Godinho
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