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Article published the February 22, 2018:

Exo-erythrocytic development of avian malaria and related haemosporidian parasites

Background Malaria parasites (species of Plasmodium) and related haemosporidians of the order Haemosporida are widespread and diverse pathogens infect many species of the major groups of vertebrates, which are...
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Gediminas Valkiunas
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Article published the October 26, 2017:

Intestinal Parasites in Backyard Chicken Flocks

Intestinal parasites (worms) are very common in chickens in the backyard type poultry flocks. The presence of a few parasites does not usually cause a problem. However, large numbers can have a devastating effe...
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Gary ButcherRichard Miles
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Article published the February 1, 2017:

Red Mite Control in Poultry

IntroductionArachnid mites are external parasites of chickens and turkeys. Dermanyssus gallinae, the Common Red Mite, feeds by sucking blood, mainly at night and may transmit fowl cholera and other diseases. Or...
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vijayaraghavan gonuguntla
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Article published the October 13, 2016:

Viral proteins expressed in the protozoan parasite Eimeria tenella are detected by the chicken immune system

  Background The poultry industry provides the principal source of animal protein in many developed and developing countries [1]. The adaptability of poultry production systems has fuelled expansion of t...
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Damer BlakeVirginia Marugan-Hernandez
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Article published the June 28, 2016:

Impact of interaction between aflatoxicosis and cecal coccidiosis on broiler chickens

  Introduction Intensive breeding farms enhance the simultaneous occurrence of several affections. Coccidiosis is a disease of greater economic importance and affections coexist with it should be conside...
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Hany Ellakany
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Article published the March 14, 2016:

Red mites are a serious challenge to poultry production all over the world

The interdisciplinary approach of end users (One Health) “One Health is a combined effort from several different technical disciplines to improve human, animal and plant health in sustainable eco-system...
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Article published the August 10, 2015:

Chickens: Feed supplementation to affect the rate and level of immune response

The avian immune system consists of two components: Innate immunity and adaptive immunity. The innate portion of the immune system serves as the bird’s first line of defense against non-specific challenge...
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Don McIntyre
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Article published the August 16, 2013:

Options for Integrated Strategies for the Control of Avian Coccidiosis

INTRODUCTION Commercial poultry farming is expanding day by day and contributing in the provision of affordable and high quality proteins (Ahmad et al., 2010; Ghafoor et al., 2010). However, this sector is st...
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Rao Zahid Abbas
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Article published the October 20, 2011:

Immune mechanisms in avian Coccidiosis

Introduction Coccidiosis is an intestinal infection caused by protozoa, intracellular parasites of the Eimeria genus present in the whole world, that affects all productive values of commercial birds and it is...
Author/s :
Graciela Pascual
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Article published the September 1, 2011:

Coccidiosis, Enzymes and Nutrient Availability: Effects on Gut Health

Introduction Poor gut health in broiler chickens is a generalized term that means different things to different people (Truscott & Al-Sheikhly, 1977; Tierlynck et al., 2009). Problems associated with shift...
Author/s :
Andres Montoya
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