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Article published the February 16, 2018:

Harness Epigenetics to Improve Chick Quality - Ajay Bhoyar: Video 2/6

  Ajay Bhoyar, Global Technical Marketing Manager at Novus International, speaks to us about how Novus is using epigenetics in poultry nutrition, which was showcased at International Production and Proc...
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Dr Ajay Bhoyar
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Article published the January 23, 2018:

Oxidative stress protection of embryos by "In Ovo" supplementation

Introduction The use of in ovo technology is a very innovative field in the research and industry application, including novel means of vaccination and embryonic nutrient supplementation. As defined by the ear...
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Fernanda GonçalvesPeter FerketRamon Malheiros
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Article published the December 22, 2017:

Feed Management in Layers

INTRODUCTION Nutrition plays a major role in the performance of layer birds. Feed management is the most important practice to get egg production at a right time, maximum peak production, long standing peak pr...
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Article published the December 5, 2017:

The impact of dietary diformates (Formi NDF) on gut health in poultry as an alternative to AGP

Enteric disorders are one of the most important groups of diseases which affect poultry production world-wide and they are continuing to cause high economic losses due to increased mortality rates, decreased we...
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Christian LückstädtNicolas Greiffenstein
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Article published the November 16, 2017:

1a,25(OH)2 Vitamin D3 Modulates Avian T Lymphocyte Functions without Inducing CTL Unresponsiveness

Introduction Vitamin D is a naturally synthesized lipid soluble vitamin and has a broad range of physiological properties, including profound effects upon immune system [1–3]. Ultraviolet B (UV-B) irradi...
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Dr. Shahriar BehboudiDr. Shayan Sharif
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Article published the November 8, 2017:

Reduce Woody Breast and White Striping in Poultry Meat with Dietary Approach

Recent findings indicate that altering broiler chicken diets can help mitigate the severity of woody breast and white striping, two poultry meat quality issues that appear to be increasing in prevalence in many...
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Dr Ajay BhoyarVivek Kuttappan
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Article published the October 26, 2017:

Mineral Retention in Young Broiler Chicks Fed Diets Based on Wheat, Sorghum or Maize

INTRODUCTION Minerals are needed for all normal life processes and the physiological importance of minerals for farm animals, including poultry, is well documented (Spears, 1999; Underwood and Suttle, 1999). R...
Author/s :
Don ThomasVelmurugu Ravindran
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Article published the August 17, 2017:

Production stress: consequence of high performance

  It's not always that the high performance brings production stress to poultry, it's the way you deal with it. The high performing animals and feed is need of the competitive world. The crucial mission...
Author/s :
Dr. Vinayak Surve
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Article published the August 10, 2017:

Relative efficacy of bentonite-montmorrilonite and dried yeast cells as biosystemic sequestering agents at high dietary aflatoxin load in turkey poults

Author/s :
Adebisi AgboolaAkekoyejo OyegunwaDr. David O. AkindeEustace IyayiSamuel Etop
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Article published the March 29, 2017:

Sodium metabisulphite enhances energy utilisation in broiler chickens offered sorghum-based diets with five different grain varieties

1. Introduction Sorghum is a problematic feed grain for chicken-meat production which has been considered in two reviews (Selle et al., 2010; Liu et al., 2015). A distinctive feature of sorghum is kafirin, the...
Author/s :
Dr Sonia Yun LiuDr. Peter SelleHa Truong
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