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Article published the November 24, 2014:

First survey of the occurrence of duck enteritis virus (DEV) in free-ranging Polish water birds

Duck enteritis virus (DEV) is an aetiological agent of duck plague (DP), which represents one of the most acute and lethal diseases of waterfowl (Anseriformes) including geese, ducks and swans [9]. The infectio...
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Elzbieta Samorek-SalamonowiczGrzegorz Wozniakowski
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Article published the August 29, 2014:

Gut Health, Intestinal Innate Immunity and Performance

I. INTRODUCTION The gut is a very crucial organ for maintaining health. Apart from absorbing nutrients, it is also the barrier against unwanted compounds and germs. The immune system in the intestines plays a...
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Theo Niewold
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Article published the July 15, 2014:

Influence of Adding Garlic and Thyme and their Combination on Immune Response and some Blood Parameters in Broiler

INTRODUCTION A number of feed additives including antibiotics have been widely employed in the poultry industry for several decades. A manipulation of gut function and microbial habitat of domestic animal with...
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Dr. Yasser Jamal Jameel
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Article published the June 15, 2014:

Role of the gut physiology in animal feeding

New research findings in gut physiology: implications for animal feeding Recently, a paper was published in the scientific journal Nature Reviews1 entitled “The gut as a sensory organ.” As the...
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David BravoEmma Wall
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Article published the May 22, 2014:

The Gut Immune System: A New Frontier in Gut Health Research

I. INTRODUCTION Coccidiosis is an ubiquitous intestinal protozoan infection of poultry which seriously impairs the growth and feed utilization of infected animals (Shirley and Lillehoj, 2012; Lillehoj and Lill...
Author/s :
Hyun Lillehoj
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Article published the May 20, 2014:


Introduction To help customer’s understanding, we were gathering some recent commercial trials data from Korea. In Korea, we have recommended to use AQUABLEND AVIAN during day 1-3 in drinking water o...
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Kim Jin Tae
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Article published the March 20, 2014:

The vicious cycle of necrotic enteritis in layers

Necrotis enteritis has been ranked as one of the most important diseases affecting poultry operations nowadays. Its occurrence is increasing, especially in countries where antibiotic growth promoters have bee...
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Teresa M. Agulles Teixidó
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Article published the February 15, 2014:

Use of Dietary Fiber in Broilers

1. Generalities Gastrointestinal infections with pathogenic bacteria y the subsequent clinical expression of disease occur frequently in young animals under current intensive production systems. Infections are...
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Encarnación Jimenez MorenoGonzalo Gonzalez Mateos
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Article published the February 7, 2014:

The Gut as a Sensory Organ

Introduction The content of the intestine is rich in chemicals and microorganisms. This complex ‘soup’ is an external milieu, separated from the body’s internal milieu by only a single layer ...
Author/s :
David Bravo
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Article published the January 31, 2014:

Butyrate: Feeding the Gut and Beyond for Animal Health

Introduction In North America, there has been a tremendous body of research in recent years to find the ideal product or program to replace or reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock and poultry production....
Author/s :
James Pierce
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