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Article published the December 1, 2020:

Tackle pullorum disease and fowl typhoid in breeder effectively

Lack of adequate controls or decontamination procedures render many breeding chicken flocks susceptible to avian salmonellosis, either from contaminated environments or between birds and their young within th...
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Alain Riggi
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Article published the November 19, 2020:

Growth promotion and alleviation of chronic intestinal inflammation by Lumance® in broilers under a dietary challenge

Highlights of this research Chronic Inflammation means losses and can cause a reduction in growth up to 30% Chronic gut inflammation often seen in field conditions is due to the synergistic & additive...
Author/s :
Christos GougouliasDr. Alireza KhademDr. Milena SevastiyanovaMarkella Al Saifi
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Article published the October 5, 2020:

Fast and Slow-Growing Management Systems: Characterisation of Broiler Caecal Microbiota Development throughout the Growing Period

1. Introduction Microbiota is defined as the microbial community, including commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic microorganisms, which colonise different areas of animals and have an important influence on anim...
Author/s :
Clara Marín OrengaLaura Montoro Dasí
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Article published the September 29, 2020:

Antibiotic growth promoters virginiamycin and bacitracin methylene disalicylate alter the chicken intestinal metabolome

The average commercial broiler consumes 3.2 kg of feed over 35 days to achieve 1.8 kg of body weight, compared with more than 20 kg of feed over 112 days to attain the same weight in the 1920’s. This impr...
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Hyun Lillehojsungtaek ohUjvala Deepthi Gadde
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Article published the September 15, 2020:

Response of chicken gut bacterial to nutrition and feed additives

Introduction The issue of gut health in relation to gut bacterial became more evident with the ban of antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in animal/poultry nutrition. This ban became preeminent with the develop...
Author/s :
Ruth Tariebi Seimiekumo Ofongo
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Article published the September 9, 2020:

Effect of in ovo injection of raffinose on growth performance and gut health parameters of broiler chicken

Author/s :
Julio Diaz BerrocosoRajesh Jha
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Article published the September 2, 2020:

Different from antibiotics: Improving gut health additives by understanding their mode of action

Over the last two decades, several types of gut health supporting additives have been shown to have at least the potential to improve gut health and animal performance and as such, to be applied as alternatives...
Author/s :
Tim Goossens
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Article published the August 24, 2020:

Early Nutrition Programming (in ovo and Post-hatch Feeding) as a Strategy to Modulate Gut Health of Poultry

INTRODUCTION Poultry production has increased at a faster rate than any other livestock animal globally. Among others, the nutritionally balanced-feeding program along with antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) in...
Author/s :
Birendra MishraJulio Diaz BerrocosoRajesh Jha
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Article published the August 18, 2020:

A Natural Choice for Growth Enhancement in Farm Animals - 3 ESSDENDIS

Effective since July 1, 2020, China fully implemented the antibiotics-ban regulation, that is, in commercial feed, it is no longer allowed to add antibiotics for the purpose such as disease prevention and gro...
Author/s :
Ronnick FONG
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Article published the July 23, 2020:

Supplemental Bacillus subtilis DSM 32315 modulates intestinal structure, microbial composition and improve the performance in broiler chickens

Probiotics offer one alternative to antibiotic growth promoters as they have been shown to improve the development and maintenance of a stable gut microbiome in poultry, which leads to reduced enteric disease a...
Author/s :
Kiran Doranalli
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