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Article published the April 1, 2022:

Nutrition and Digestive Physiology of the Broiler Chick: State of the Art and Outlook

1. IntroductionOften a seemingly straightforward aspect of nutrition reveals itself to be, upon closer inspection, not so simple after all. An illustration of such a conundrum is the nutrition of the newly hatc...
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Reza AbdollahiVelmurugu Ravindran
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Article published the February 4, 2022:

Providing colored photoperiodic light stimulation during incubation: 1. Effects on embryo development and hatching performance in broiler hatching eggs

INTRODUCTIONAvian embryogenesis is a perfect platform to examine the effects of exogenous factors on embryonic development due to the physiological independence from the hen (Hill et al., 2004). During incubati...
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Bruce Rathgeberxujie li
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Article published the December 3, 2021:

Feeding the breeder hen for quality hatching eggs

The modern broiler chick spends 50% of its life in an embryonic state. It is therefore important to ensure that adequate nutrients are available to the developing embryo, which is completely reliant on the diet...
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Aziz Sacranie
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Article published the November 3, 2021:

Chicken embryo development: metabolic and morphological basis for in ovo feeding technology

INTRODUCTIONThe genetic improvement of modern broiler lines has contributed to the success of the poultry industry worldwide. Since the 1950s, slaughter age has been reduced by approximately 40%, and slaughter ...
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Patri´cia Emi´lia Naves Givisiez
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Article published the August 24, 2021:

Male health & its effect on hatchability

IntroductionAchieving the best fertility is the only goal for successful running of any breeder operation. Advanced genetic selection in broiler breeding has led to tremendous improvements in progeny performanc...
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Ajay Chalikwar
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Article published the June 4, 2021:

Impact of broiler egg storage on the relative expression of selected blastoderm genes associated with apoptosis, oxidative stress, and fatty acid metabolism

INTRODUCTIONCool temperature storage of eggs prior to incubation is a frequent practice of commercial broiler hatcheries. However, continued storage beyond 7 d leads to an increase in early embryonic mortality....
Author/s :
Kate MiskaMurray R. BakstRaymond Fetterer
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Article published the April 23, 2021:

Effects of Short Periods of Incubation During Egg Storage (SPIDES) in Prolonged Stored Eggs of Late DeKalb Breeder on Hatchability, Embryonic Mortality and Chick Quality

INTRODUCTIONThe storage of hatching eggs is a common routine in hatcheries and varying in duration depending on hatchery capacity and the demand of day old chicks (Gharib, 2013). In some cases, the need of exte...
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Atif HamzaElfadil Ahmed AdamMutaz Saeed Babiker Mahmoud
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Article published the March 30, 2021:

In Ovo and Neonatal Nutrition in Poultry

IntroductionModern agriculture constantly strives to maximize biological performance of food production in an effort to optimize economic efficiency, profit potential, and sustainability. Commercial poultry pro...
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Peter Ferket
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Article published the March 3, 2021:

Optimization of age in Japanese quail at photo stimulation for better egg quality and hatching results

Light plays an important role in controlling the age at sexual maturity in birds; attaining sexual maturity at an appropriate age and weight is the key to reproductive success and the present study was an effor...
Author/s :
Athar Mahmud Dr. Sohail AhmadJibran Hussain Muhammad WaqasSyed Ali Haider
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Article published the February 23, 2021:

Research Note: Storage period and prewarming temperature effects on synchronous egg hatching from broiler breeder flocks during the early laying period

INTRODUCTIONBroiler hatching eggs can be stored at temperatures lower than ambient temperature before incubation, which is a common practice in commercial breeding farms and hatcheries. As per the variable mark...
Author/s :
Serdar Özlü
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