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Article published the December 7, 2018:

Effect of qualified functional sensory molecules laying hen’s performances

Introduction: Modern egg production sometimes imposes stressful breeding conditions for animals. Sensorial pleasure allows the release some neuro-hormones like dopamine or endorphins which have anti-stress prop...
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Jean-François GabarrouMiguel Forat
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Article published the July 17, 2018:

Diagnosis of chicken Gumboro disease by histopathological study of the bursa of Fabricius

INTRODUCTION The bursa of Fabricius (BF) is a lymphoid organ, of lympho-epithelial structure. It is a site of B lymphocyte repertoire differentiation and maturation, located in the dorsal terminal part of the ...
Author/s :
Nadir Alloui
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Article published the July 20, 2017:

Gumboro Disease In Egypt

Gumboro is an acute, highly contagious viral infection in chickens manifested by inflammation and subsequent atrophy of the bursa of Fabricius, various degrees of nephritis and immunosuppression. Clinically the...
Author/s :
Khaled Fadlallah
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Article published the October 13, 2016:

Viral proteins expressed in the protozoan parasite Eimeria tenella are detected by the chicken immune system

  Background The poultry industry provides the principal source of animal protein in many developed and developing countries [1]. The adaptability of poultry production systems has fuelled expansion of t...
Author/s :
Damer BlakeVirginia Marugan-Hernandez
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Article published the March 19, 2015:

Experience in monitoring IBD antibody titers of broiler birds of two close house farms involving three IBD vaccinations per cycle

Back ground One of the challenges I had during my work as the research and development manager of one of the leading semi-integrated (rearing/processing) broiler operations in Sri Lanka was to investigate why ...
Author/s :
Christopher Hettiarachchi
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Article published the March 12, 2015:

Prevalence of Very Virulent Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) in Egyptian Delta

1. Introduction Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) serotype 1 viruses continue to cause direct and indirect significant economic losses to poultry industry. The direct economic impact of IBDV is due to the high m...
Author/s :
Hany Ellakany
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Article published the October 17, 2013:

Infectious Bursal Disease: Control and monitoring strategies

INTRODUCTION Infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV) is a major cause of economic losses in the poultry and can be involved in mortality, immunosuppression and poor technical performance without clear...
Author/s :
Dr. Sjaak de Wit
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Article published the May 9, 2013:

Common Diseases of Poultry in Kaduna State: Perspective of a Private Clinic

INTRODUCTION Poultry and poultry products are essential sources of protein supplement to humanity. The poultry population in Nigeria has been estimated to be 104.3 million, comprising of 72.4 million...
Author/s :
Dr. Garba Ahmed
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Article published the October 20, 2011:

Molecular characterization of infectious bursal disease virus in diagnostic cases in Latin America in 2010

  Introduction Infectious bursal disease is an acute, highly contagious disease of young chickens, resulting in immunosuppression and mortality (Toro et al., 2009; van den Berg et al., 2000; Di Fabio et ...
Author/s :
Taylor Barbosa
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Article published the October 19, 2011:

Occurrence of infectious bursal disease after vaccination with a low-passage attenuated virus

Introduction Infectious bursal disease, also known as Gumboro disease, has caused great economic losses in the poultry industry in different parts of the world due to mortality and immunosuppression. It is a c...
Author/s :
BM Santos
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