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Effect of Microencapsulated Blend of Citric Acid, Sorbic Acid, Thymol and Vanillin on Growth Performance of Commercial Broilers

Published on: 5/17/2016
Author/s : R. Manini, R. Barea, P. Pilkington, A. Piva
Aim of the study was the investigation of alternative products which can modulate the intestinal microflora beyond the stomach barrier, obtaining animal growth performance comparable to the one obtainable with antibiotic growth promoters. The microencapsulation of organic acids (OA) and natural identical compounds (NICs) in a hydrogenated vegetable lipid matrix can modify the site of action and enhance the synergistic activity of the active principles. A microencapsulated blend of citric acid, sorbic acid, thymol and vanillin (AviPlus®P, EU feed additive N. 4d3, European Patent EP 1391155 B1, US Patent US 7.258.880 B2, Canadian Patent CAN  2.433.484 C, more patents pending ) has been tested for zootechnical performances on broiler chickens in two studies conducted at the Southern Poultry Research (Athens, GA, USA). All pens had approximately 10 cm of build up litter with a coating of fresh pine shavings. Build up litter was used to mimic as close as possible commercial conditions. The European Production Efficiency Factor (EPEF) was calculated taking into account feed conversion, mortality, final body weight and age. Data were analyzed statistically using simple ANOVA (SAS software) to determine the main effects of dietary groups. Tukey’s LSD was used to detect significant differences between means.
(2013) 2nd International Poultry Meat Congress. April 24-28, Antalya, Turkey.
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