Transition from individual gestation stalls to group pens. Interview with Lee Johnston

Published on: 06/09/2015
Source : Analia Göttig, Community Manager, Engormix

Animal welfare concerns are having a significant impact on livestock production. A particular issue facing the swine industry is the transition from individual gestation stalls to group pens, which has become a hot topic. Engormix asked Professor Lee Johnston, extension swine specialist at the University of Minnesota, to throw some light on this situation.  In your opinion, wh...

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Andrew Hope Andrew Hope
Pig farmer
June 9, 2015
Having managed all the main systems from individual crates to outdoor groups, both organic and commercial, the system I like the most is sow groups in deep litter systems, I achieved some of my best breeding and finishing results in deep litter barns, and achieved good welfare standards, not even having to dock tails.
Brendan Hanley Brendan Hanley
Pig producer
June 10, 2015
Look I worked in all types of ststems but I have to say that all our sows in Ireland and in Germany are loose and fed once a day and performance is better for us now than in stalls and all sows are let loose day 1 after service on to fully slatted systems on computer fed system. Brendan
July 6, 2015
I love this kind of farm but I don't no where to start my father left me a big land in Ghana that I want to start pig farming I love pigs but I don't have any idea can some body help me here please email me
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