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How does genetic improvement (modern pigs) have an influence on nutrient requirements and physiological development (esp. GI) of pigs (weaners to finisher)....
Last comment: September 28, 2011
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I would like some advice in regards to the proper dosage rate for oxytocin in sows, at present here in Russia our manufacturers recommend 2-3ml/sow of oxytocin 10iu, worked in the swine industry for m...
Last comment: July 29, 2011
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I have been reading some really good research lately, but something about it bothers me. I do understand that a lot of sows are culled before Third Parity, and that this is a good place to start with ...
Last comment: May 10, 2015
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For class I had to summarize a paper by Dr. W.L Flowers titled “Trouble-shooting Fertility Problems”. From this summary I was to make a “Decision Tree” to help decide where Fer...
Last comment: April 18, 2015
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Under the teaching of Dr. William Flowers Ph.D this semester, I have learned about some new concepts in how to rear Replacement Gilts. Research shows that Replacement Gilts raised in litters of 7 or l...
Last comment: March 29, 2015
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I have been using the drug PG 600 for 4 years regularly for induction of estrus and I am satisfied, but now a new product appears on the market (OVUCEL) at a much lower price. Since we only have 15 so...
Last comment: December 15, 2014
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I would like to hear from others their experiences with inducing sows to farrow. In the early 1990’s, while working as a “First-Week Farrowing Supervisor”, I was taught to induce sows to farrow. If ...
Last comment: May 20, 2013
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This is ACMC veterinary consultant, Paul Thompson´s tip regarding the storage of semen during cold weather: Semen for AI on pig farms should be stored at 17oC in temperature-controlled cabinets....
Last comment: January 17, 2012
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What are piggeries breeding in this day and age? Is colour an important issue due to the warming of the world and the possibility of cancer in the white pigs? Is the quality of the meat changing and ...
Last comment: November 28, 2011
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Hi to all Mark here I wanted to start a boar station of 100 boar in india. i already have pig farm of 600 sows.and we are located in the centre of india (nagpur) maharashtra so I wanted some company ...
Last comment: March 22, 2011
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I am encountering a problem with Thrombocytopaenic Purpura on a number of farms, seen in piglets about 7 days old. The problem is caused by sows producing antibodies to platelets in the piglets blo...
Last comment: April 2, 2010
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Hello Colleagues, What relationship exists between animal weight and age of the first heat? Thank you for your help! Cheers from Italy! Fabio...
Last comment: December 9, 2009
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What is the proper management for anaestrus in gilts? They seem to be well-feeded and healthy… so, what’s the problem? I hear any comment......
Last comment: December 22, 2007
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Hi. My problem is weaned sows that either cycle in farrowing crates or cycle late like 10 - 15 days after weaning. I wean at 22.5-24 days old. Up till a month and a half ago I was averaging over 94 b...
Last comment: October 8, 2007
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