Optimizing piglet performance through appetite stimulation and gut health

Published on: 10/09/2019
Author/s : Mathilde Ramillien, Product Manager Palatants –Flavorist with Pancosma, Switzerland. References are available on request to the author. Previously published in ASIAN PORK MAGAZINE – July/August 2019.

Mode of action of taste enhancers Commonly used in feed to enhance appetite by providing an attractive taste, their function is to target the receptors of the 5 main tastes, namely: sweet, salty, bitter, acid and umami. Many tests and studies have demonstrated the positive effect on the condition of animals and consequently improved performances. It is known that a good taste enhancer improves...

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Soraya Shirazi-Beechey Soraya Shirazi-Beechey
Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biochemistry
October 9, 2019
I have been researching for Pancosma in the areas mentioned in the article above since 2008, and I am delighted to read the article. Congratulations to the author Mathilde Ramillien.

I wish to provide further background information and add relevant publications to complement the above article.
The work in my laboratory at the University of Liverpool, UK was the first to show that the sweet taste receptor, consisting of 2 subunits, Taste 1 Receptor 2 (T1R2) and 3 (T1R3) not only are expressed in the tongue, but also in the enteroendocrine (sensor) cells of the intestine (Dyer et al. 2005) and that this receptor in the gut is activated by artificial sweeteners resulting in enhancement in the activity/levels of intestinal glucose transporter (sodium/glucose cotransporter 1, SGLT1) resulting in increased ability of the gut to absorb glucose (electrolyte and water) (Margolskee et al. 2007; Dyer et al. 2007).
We identified through the research funded by Pancosma in 2008, the molecular basis of the effect of the sweetener, Sucram included in the diet of early weaned piglets in preventing diarrhoea, malnutrition and dehydration (Moran et al 2010). Furthermore, we demonstrated the mode of action of a sweetener component of Sucram, neohesperidin dihydrochacone, NHDC, in enhancing the population abundance of probiotic bacteria, lactobacillus, which enhances immunity in early weaned piglets (Daly et al. 2014, 2016).
We have shown that a key player in the pathway controlling intestinal glucose absorption is the gut hormone, glucagon like peptide-2 (GLP-2). Activation of intestinal sweet receptor by sweeteners results in secretion of GLP-2 from the enteroendocrine cells. GLP-2 increases intestinal glucose absorption and gut tissue integrity via a neuro-paracrine pathway (Moran et al 2018).
I wish to include the publications below from my laboratory which can illuminate on and add further to the very nice article written by Mathilde Ramillien from Pancosma.

Glucagon-Like Peptide-2 and the Enteric Nervous System Are Components of Cell-Cell Communication Pathway Regulating Intestinal Na+/Glucose Co-transport.
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October 10, 2019
Dra. Mathilde, sujeto de interés en la producción porcina. Aprovechando su comprensión sobre el tema, me gustaría su opinión sobre el riesgo de NEOFOBIA, es decir, los estimuladores del apetito pueden tener el efecto contrario en los lechones después del destete, reduciendo la ingesta de alimento si el estimulador no está incluido en el alimento proporcionado a estos animales durante la lactancia . Y en el caso específico del efecto del glutamato monosódico, el aumento de la liberación de CCK, por su reconocido efecto sobre la reducción del vaciado gástrico, no mejoraría la conversión alimenticia de los animales. Felicitaciones por el artículo y esperamos sus comentarios.
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