Meta-analysis of recommended digestible lysine levels for primiparous lactating sows

Published on: 09/13/2021
Author/s : Amélia Maria Lima Garcia 1, Charles Kiefer 1, Karina Márcia Ribeiro de Souza Nascimento 1, Cheila Roberta Lehnen 2, Luciano Hauschild 3, Camilla Mendonça Silva 1, Stephan Alexander da Silva Alencar 1, Gabriela Puhl Rodrigues 1.

INTRODUCTION Sow productivity has increased considerably in recent years, mainly owing to an increase in litter size, which has resulted in an increased metabolic demand for nutrients to support fetal growth and colostrum and milk production (TOKACH et al., 2019). However, this increase in nutritional requirements has not been accompanied by the pattern of sow intake, thus, sows undergo excessive...

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September 13, 2021

I congratulate the study team on the researched subject. However, I would like to express my opinion about the meta-analysis study with lactating sows. In addition to a series of details that compromise the analysis and conclusion of the study, such as body condition of the sow at farrowing, variation in the standardized number of piglets per litter, in the feed consumption of sows and duration of the lactation period, as well as the differences in the environmental condition of the hatcheries, we have to consider that the large and expressive majority of works feed the sows freely. In this particular case, although the study concludes about the requirement of digestible lysine, in fact, the differences in the consumption of metabolizable energy and other nutrients also interfere in the responses, but the effects are attributed only to the variation in the consumption of digestible lysine. The opinion expressed here about these studies originated after conducting a study precisely to determine the liini requirement.

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