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Silvateam S.p.a.
We will be present at:
January 25, 2021 to January 29, 2021
, Georgia, United States

Healthy guts, Healthy pigs

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Soraya Shirazi-Beechey Soraya Shirazi-Beechey
Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biochemistry
October 14, 2020

Dear Fleur,
Nice talk.
As you may know in diarrhea, gut secretes fluid, so whilst Silvafeed Nutri P may slow down gut motility, there is still a need to stop/reverse the fluid secretion. Slowing gut motility will have no effect on reducing gut secretion.

I also would like to know, in scientific terms, what do you mean that "the gut microbiota becomes more focused on using feed better ". Can you please describe the mechanisms "of focusing more on using feed better"? Thank you for your time.

Fleur Aarsse Fleur Aarsse
Specialist in Animal Nutrition
Silvateam S.p.a. Silvateam S.p.a.
San Michele M.vì, Piemonte, Italy
October 16, 2020
Soraya Shirazi-Beechey
Dear Soraya,

Thank you very much for your kind message and feedback. I'll send you a private message to get you the information you asked for.

Best regards,
October 26, 2020
May you please help me to write funding proposal for pigs.
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