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Pleuropneumoniae in Pigs

Forum: Pleuropneumonia in Pigs

Since Pleuropneumonia once established on a farm becomes a problem due to high mortality and growth retardation in pigs, it is very important to choose the most desirable method for the prevention and control of this disease, considering financial cost and disease outbreak. What would be the best alternative? Look forward to hearing your opinions!

Analía Göttig
Community Manager
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Noni Noni
September 21, 2011

Good question about the Pleuropneumoniae in Pigs. I guess I would depopulate and then leve for a month and then repopulate but with pigs that don´t have the disease. It is a cost to vaccinate, a cost to lose pigs. Find a pig farmer that does not have the disease and then buy from him and become a closed herd, breeding your own genetics without the problems.

Steven Steven
Marketing Manager
September 22, 2011

here is my opinion, for refference. 

Chronic Pleuropneumoniae in Pigs, is respiratory disease. so need treat from three aspects 

1) pig farms environment: sterilize, ventilate,light .keep hog house clean 

2) control disease: pleuritis mainly caused by PRRS, PCV ,Actinobacillus these pathogens. Thus need to kill pig internal pathogens. Dont advice antibiotics with drug resistance and residual which acuse second complication for the pigs, what's more, Argentina control the dosage of antibiotics, right? 

here is a new feed additive called antimicrobial peptides, short for AMP, you can find many information on Google. its huge effects on killing pathogens and improving animal immunity has been approved by world scientist. and its no drug resistance and residual, strong heat resistance, thought to be best substitution for antibiotics.. 

importance that AMP just need add about 500 ppm in feed directly and easy to use. AMP can increase feed intake and FCR, promote growth greatly. 

you can get more details from alibaba.com by search Sichuan Rota Bioengineering. 

3)improve feed quality: this way is also to improve pigs health condition.in a world, improve pig level to resist external pathogens.

Pablo Moreno Pablo Moreno
Veterinary Doctor
September 22, 2011

I t is very important Asses the problem with diagnostics (Pleuropneumoniae in Pigs, PRRS, Influenza, PCV2, APP, A Suis Pasteurella, etc.) And Evaluate performance evaluation ADG, mort by stage etc.
Once we have our diagnostics and effect in growth we can design our Treatment strategic. If we do that we will avoid using antibiotics arbitrarily and produce resistance.

We need use the antibiotics when is needed and using the right antibiotic, doses and treatment time.
Our problem in animal production is that we do not use a systematic approach for diagnostic and we using antibiotics assuming problems that most of the time is not what we should do


Aron Itkin Aron Itkin
Civil Engineer
October 3, 2011

Interesting cuestion about chronic Pleuropneumoniae in Pigs. It is very important to understand that diseases are product of environment in the barn . As long manure is in close proximity to pigs, we will have diseases problems. Please read my article on this site:Modern Swine Housing Design Dr. Aron Itkin



Product Manager
February 7, 2012

Foremost, please diagnose or investigate the primary etiology agent which led to the pleuropneumoniae in pig to flare up in your pig herd. It may due to environmental stress, viral disease, nutritional (mycotoxin)…etc. Then only you could effectively get rid of the disease. And also vaccinate your pig herd with all those core vaccine which is appropriate (CSF, PR, M.hyo…..which is needed). Strategic medication would be a good choice (if you have solve all the mentioned issues), tried Draxxin before and it give a good response and recovery rate. Just my 2 cents.

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