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Homemade diet for pig

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I would like to have a proper “homemade” diet to be made based on products I can get easily in my area. I have just a few pigs. Is it bad to feed them with discarded vegetables from the farm orchard and leftovers? Is there any vegetable bad for the health of pigs?

Carlos Esquivel
Carlos Esquivel
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January 9, 2004

I have not yet found any human fruit or vegetable that is bad for pigs, but do be sure to provide a varied/balanced Homemade Diet or you could run into vitamin or mineral deficiencies. 

You think will find this book useful: 

"Small-Scale Pig Raising" by Dirk Van Loon & Dick Van Loon, see: 


for more information.

January 12, 2004

Hi, Carlos. It´s an interesting discussion about Homemade Diet.  As Paul said - most vegetables should be fine to feed your pigs. It would also be a good idea to feed a small amount of grain (depending on what is avalible in your area) and other ingredients, to ensure they receive adequate amounts of other nutrients such as minerals. The most important minerals are Calcium and Phosphorous which are found in ingredients such as Di-Calcium Phosphate. Other ingredients which would be worth considering (if you have access to them) are protein meals such as Soybean Meal, Oil for energy and dust supression and a commercial Vitamin and Mineral Premix.


 Homemade Diet

Doctor of veterinary medicine
May 15, 2007

Dear Carlos, 

Homemade diet for pigs are good and saves money on feed. One thing you have to keep in mind is boil and cool the kitchen waste your going to feed the pigs as these diets are having higher loads of e.coli and other harmful bacteria.

February 15, 2010
Garbage feeding to pigs lead to death of piglets as well adult pigs due to various reasons. garbage that includes unused and unsold vegetables from market place as well kitchen waste from the hotels form the leachate. The seepage from this leachate is very irritant because of the metals present in it as well high sodium content in hotel kitchen waste. That leads the pigs itching and in turn the pigs rub their body on the walls or fence, get the skin bruised, infected over the time and succumb to it. Huge financial losses.
Instead feeding garbage or hotel waste, one can prepare the concentrate feed using locally available maize, sorghum grains as a source of carbohydrates and energy. As well gram and soybean meal can suffice the purpose for protein needs. But with this the pigs being monogastric animal, needs to be supplied with minerals, vitamins and yeast metabolites to attain the growth as well to reach production and reproduction parameters.
February 15, 2010

Hello, I am in the UK and find the price of feed very high. We are feeding on boiled potatoes, onions, carrots, parsnips, cabbage etc., etc., These vegetables come from a local farm, my family and I eat the same vegetables. I am in favor of Homemade Diet. I use the rule that if it is good enough for me it is good enough for the pigs. Pigs have a very similar digestive system to humans, so if you wouldnt eat it dont give it to your pigs. Kind regards, Eddie from Brookfield Nurseries, Lydiate, Liverpool UK.

February 16, 2010

Pumpkin would be an easily available vegetable (also the residues at pumpkin seed production). And for pig health and better performance you could add some Mexican oregano to the diet.

Eduardo Jose Kwiecien Eduardo Jose Kwiecien
Veterinary Doctor
February 18, 2010
Hi everyone,
In rural areas in Venezuela one can see extensive pig production where farmers use autochthonous forage and some kind of vegetables like sweet potatoes, banana leaves, cane, etc. These pigs grows slowly and leaner than typical pigs and take a lot days to slaughter. The main question is: are these feed ways truly efficient and rewardable of the economical point of view?

Eduardo J. Kwiecien
February 18, 2010
While garden vegetables and their waste are a wonderful treat for your swine unfortunately todays swine breeds are bred to require vitamin supplements for optimum health. No amount of any grain or grains or vegetable mixture will meet these needs for this you need to either use feed supplements or manufactured swine feed. Remember while garden vegetables are great do not feed table scraps to your swine! They not only eat anything we eat they will catch any transmitable disease or parasite which in turn can transmit the disease or parasite back to you.
Noni Noni
April 5, 2010
You are just better to use a straight grain diet with all the required minerals and amino acids in it. Some meat meal as well. Pigs need to grow quickly otherwise you are wasting your money and your time. Grain can be rolled or crushed with a hammer mill and the additives added as you make your mix. Put it in to self feeders or into a silo and work from there. Bagging is a pain bulk is much easier and better on yourself.
April 8, 2010
In cases like this were there is little chance of spending money or resources on feed or additives. You must make the best of what you do have. If you ensile the sweet potato and sugar cane between layers of green forage you will greatly enhance the digestibility/absorption rates of your core feeds. You will have to experiment with the optimium inclusion proportions and ensilement times but this works. I tried this in a semi arid African state and potato digestibility rose by almost 40[percent] and the pigs like the feed. Good luck and kind regards. Brendon
Alabi Kehinde Alabi Kehinde
Animal Nutritionist
April 10, 2010

This homemade diet is rather not a balanced complete feed for growth and production but rather a feed supplement that contain mainly vitamins and minerals and roughage that aid digestion and absorption of nutrients. 

pig required about 14-16[percent] crude protien and propablly about 1800 kcal of energy for good productivity.this cannot be achieved with this so call home made feed.

April 20, 2010
the natural feed is good for pig and farmmer in save the cost of feedding I suggest you the main concept is if you use the technology you must use100 % of technology that make you save the cost of production from the effiency and quality that you should can sell the very good price too.If you cannot use the all technology you have to save the cost of production. However the main of nutrition of pig feeding are the first is Energy thats come from maize or corn ( 50 %) ,the second is protein come from the soybeam meal(20%),the third is vitamin .However in details I will suggest you next comment.

Patrick Kamau Gicha Patrick Kamau Gicha
March 21, 2011
home made or good if your have the right rations
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