Necrosis syndrome in weaning pigs associated with PCV2 infection

Forum: Ear necrosis syndrome in weaning pigs associated with PCV2 infection: A case report

Published on: 10/24/2012
Author/s : Vasileios Papatsiros, Department of Medicine (Clinic of Farm Animal Medicine), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Thessaly, Karditsa, Greece.
Introduction Necrotic ear syndrome or ear necrosis in pigs has been reported as an increasing health problem in many countries with intensive pig farming.1 It is characterized by large erosive lesions at the margin of the pinna(e) in both sexes. It occurs mainly in weaning pigs and growers/ fatteners with bodyweight ranging approximately from 10 to 40 kg.2 The earliest lesions are normally visib...
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October 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Papatsiros
Good article about ear necrosis syndrome in weaning pigs associated with PCV2 infection. My Name is Werner Lichtendahl, I come from Germany. We are sucssessfull in reducing or stopping the ear necrosis in Pig with feed Additives. We reduce the Endotoxine Level in Blood (tested by Blood Samples) and we reduce the Inflamatoric Action of Endotoxine in Cells. In this Way the Pigs and Piglets stay healthy

Benjamin Wurtz Benjamin Wurtz
January 14, 2013

Hi. Interesting article about ear necrosis syndrome in weaning pigs. Can you tell me what feed additives were added? In our own barn we have a big Ear Tip Necrosis Problm.
We would like to solve it.

Erik Laeremans Erik Laeremans
Pig farmer
August 28, 2014
Mr. Papatsiros, thank you for the article about PENS associated with PCV2 infection.

I would like to ask Mr. Lichtendahl a question about the feed additives. What kind of additives are you using? Recently I have read something about humic acid. Are you familiar with that?
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