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Disease Prevention Through Biosecurity

Disease Prevention
Through Biosecurity”

By: Paul Walker Thompson March 13, 2016

Biosecurity is a big buzz word these days in the Hog Industry, and is of huge importance to the well-being of each farm. There are two aspects to Biosecurity that help us prevent or reduce the effects of disease, (A) External Biosecurity, and (B) Internal Biosecurity. Let’s take a quick look at each of these.

(A) External Biosecurity is Disease Prevention Measures such as a fence around the farm with a controlled entrance gate, having your “Dead-Haul –Off” location outside of the farm, and disinfecting all trucks, tractors and objects that come on to the farm.
(B) Internal Biosecurity is the things we do on the farm, such as disinfecting our boots at each barn door, and working from the youngest pigs to the older pigs.
What Disease Prevention Measures have helped you the most? Have you ever made a mistake in either External or Internal Biosecurity? What disease entrance or spread occurred? I hope that we can learn from each other’s experiences! I look forward to your comments! PWT

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Dolo Yaya Dolo Yaya
Dôcteur veterinaire Masrer
July 8, 2017
Biosecurity is farmer's savings. Better to build a good biosecurity gate to the farm than to spend money for antibiotics and others.
Shaolp Shaolp
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
July 12, 2017

Biosecurity is not only used for the animals we hold, but all living things. When we use disinfectants, vaccines or antibiotics to keep our animals safe, other livings may be out of safety. They may mutate to be more dangerous and may threaten others, including human, they also may break diversity and we may face more difficulties in the future.

Dolo Yaya Dolo Yaya
Dôcteur veterinaire Masrer
July 12, 2017

True words Dr. Biosecurity is in the beginning and in thé end of all the process of production.

Eros baroni Eros baroni
Agro Technician
July 12, 2017

We need to keep the producers well informed, so as not to be discouraged if we cover long lists, the risk is to overwhelm the producers and they will not do anything.

Focus well on risk events, clear rules, and maximum attention to the potential entry of pathogens.

Studying the right company strategy to find out the critical points that can make pathogens enter, the general recommendations are the same for all companies for me, are disadvantaged.

nima narimani nima narimani
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
July 13, 2017

Biosecurity is good isn't doubt but what told about flying and wildfowl?

kayoyote micheal kayoyote micheal
Poultry farmer
July 29, 2017

It's very true that critical follow up & biosecurity practices implementation can prevent disease on your farm.
To me now 6 cycles back in my broiler farm I am supervising antibiotics use that has been stopped. Emphasis is on strict biosecurity both outside & inside the poultry house.
Fellow farmers, you should not fear to invest in biosecurity though seems expensive & needs time to work out things. I strongly appreciate this educative forum.
Farmers need highlights on litter management in broilers and effect of ventilation on litter condition. Also at what age do I need to stop turning litter in broiler house, I had an argument with my boss at one point.

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