Can Vitamin C Improve Pork Quality?

Published on: 04/20/2009
Source : NCSU Cooperative Extension Service / Swine News

Several investigators have reported improvements in swine growth and meat quality when the animals' diet is supplemented with vitamin C. However, other studies have yielded inconsistent results, as some investigators have documented no effects or even negative effects of vitamin C supplements. Vitamin C's effect on pork quality may be the result of changes in the metabolism of glucose and glycoge...

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April 20, 2009
Hi. Just a note to make you aware if you weren't already, that Sodium Oxalate has in the past been used as an anticoagulant within the meat industry. With regard to this I wonder how much quality emphasis was made in the study as to meat colour, as I have a feeling that any colour changes may be influenced by the afore-mentioned oxalate properties. In my experience pre-slaughter feeding of a sucrose solution is a low cost method of reducing pre-slaughter stress and yielding significant improvements in carcass quality. This also leads to a colour change in the liver (lightening), which improves eatability, appearance and subsequent further processing advantages.
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Brendon M Roberts
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