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Avoiding PEDV (Simplified)

With the coming of the cold Winter Weather, many are worried about the arrival of the PEDV Epidemic again. Here are some simple tips to help keep PEDV out:

(1) Maintain a fence around your hog farm, and keep all unnecessary traffic out!
(2) Have you Manure Hauler use back roads that are away from neighboring hog farms. (1)
(3) Have your Manure Hauler clean and disinfect all machinery that enters your farm.(1)
(4) Communicate with your neighbors. Know who has PEDV, and where they are spreading manure.
(5) Keep Market Trucks off of your hog farm. Have a two-sided market loading chute that has a “Clean Side” (i.e. inside the farm), and a “Dirty Side” (i.e. outside the farm where the trucker will finish loading your market hogs.
(6) Do not let any pig that enters the “Dirty Side” come back to the “Clean Side”!
(7) Have your “Dead Haul-Off Area” located outside of your farm fence, so that the Rendering Truck never enters your farm.
(8) Wash, disinfect, and dry any equipment coming back on to the farm.
(9) Have a “Two-Way Box” for Semen Deliveries.
(10) Have another “Two-Way Box” for all other supply deliveries.
(11) Have your Production Workers “Shower-In” and use Farm Specific Clothing, and “Shower-Out” before going home!
(12) Have your Production Workers, and all Visitors wash their boots before disinfecting them before entering any Hog Building!
(13) Always have Farm Production Personnel go from youngest to oldest pigs when working in the hog barns. Have them re-shower and put on clean uniforms if they have to re-enter younger piglet houses.

References: Schulz, Kevin “Preventing PEDV Spread” National Hog Farmer September 15, 2014 page #10

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Brendan Hanley Brendan Hanley
Pig producer
December 23, 2014
In Ireland we don't have multi site production we are all inter grated site is this going to be a major problem for us. Brendan Hanley
December 29, 2014
Dear Brendan Hanley, There have been many studies that show that you can break certain disease cycles by having Multi-site Production, however it has to be done with good Bio-security or you get problems. In my opinion, we have to use what we got, so the key to an Integrated Cite still boils down to good Bio-security. You can have an Integrated Cite and great Bio-security, or a Multi-cite Operation and lousey Bio-security. Which in this case you probably will get better results from the Multi-cite Operation. I hope this answers your question. PWT
December 29, 2014
Dear Brendan Hanley, I goofed in my response, I meant to say that you would have better production with a Integrated Cite and good Bio-security, than a Multi-cite Operation and poor Bio-security. Sorry about the mistake! PWT
Brendan Hanley Brendan Hanley
Pig producer
December 29, 2014
Dear paul
The PED has arrived in Europe it is the America strain England and Ireland have a water barrier dividing the British isle from Europe. We do import Ai boars from Denmark is that a problem going forward if we test them for the VIRIS and also can th PED travel in pig semen . Again thanks for your help
regards Brendan Hanley
December 30, 2014
Dear Brendan Hanley, I did a quick Google search and found out that Boar Semen does not carry the PED virus, unless it has been infected by manure off of the Boars Belly, if that manure is carrying the PED virus. It would be very wise to talk to your Boar Supplier and find out if they are battling PED virus. If at all possible, it might be good to close your farm, and collect semen from your own boars. I would definitely recommend talking to your Veterinarian about these topics. If you do not have a good Swine Veterinarian, now may be a good time to find one. In all reality, a good Veterinarian would be much more knowledgeable about the exact details of PED virus that I would. I have studied it some, but a good Swine Veterinarian knows so much more! PWT
December 31, 2014
Great discussion on biosecurity and PEDV. I would like to add that we have five talking points that we used to review biosecurity programs for our swine clients.
1) Feed and related issues:
People and processes:
*Standard guidelines - mill audits, meeting with mill people to explain the importance
*dedicated transport, sequencing of ingredients/ rations, etc.
Buzun Andriy Buzun Andriy
January 7, 2015
Serum of reconvalescent pigs per os to pigglets of sick nests is perspective aproach too...
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