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ASF ASF is the most deadly pig virus. ASF is also the most costly virus There is no vaccine for ASF. If you get ASF the following will happening 1. quarantine zone will be made from the government, which mean no transport of pigs/ feed and other goods for pigs/ limitation in farm workers moving around 2. All the pigs will be killed and either burnt or buried. 3. The farm will be washed down, this is not a simple job, in some ( or most likely ) the crates have to be moved and plugs be taken out of the wall, ventilation in and outlets will also be removed, slated floor will be moved, cables and wiring will be moved. 4. Then the farm will disinfected 5. Then the farm will stay empty for minimum 6 to 12 month ( depend on the local regulations ). So in case the farm will be empty for 6 month. 1. Start up the farm , its mean all electricity equipment, and there is things which you need to change because it have being standing still for 6 month 2. Then you need to buy new gilts and boars 3. If you buy ready gilts (8 month of age) boars only for smelling . They will stay in quarantine for 3 to 5 weeks, don't forget to keep records when each gilt is in heat . 4. Month 8 you are on the planed inseminated weekly group . 5. Month 11 you will have the first farrowing but it will only be in month 12 you maybe will have the planed amount of farrowing 6. Month 12 you will wean the first group and maybe in month 13 you will have the planed weaning 7. Month 18 you can sell the first finisher ( of course depend on your end weight) The cost To kill all the pigs To burn or buried the pigs To clean the farm To cover the lost income To cover the cost to start up the farm The cost to buy new gilts and boars The cost in salary to keep the good workers . Some of your cost can maybe be covered by government, but any way when you will make the final counting, you have being list a great sum if cash Of course you will never get ASF, it will only be your neighbor who get it. PFMS, having a special program for protecting any pig farm against ASF. 1. No pig trucks on the farm side 2. No feed trucks on the farm side 3. No medicine/ antibiotics direct delivery in farm side 4. No direct access for human (include workers ) on farm side 5. No direct delivery of daily goods to farm side 6. Rightly fencing of the farm. We cant grantee that you cant get ASF, but its all about that you as a farm owner do everything to protect your business, even if your farm is in a country where there is no ASF. Sooner or later your bank , creditors or investors will demand you do all what is possible to protect your farm. Even farmers who paid a lot for cleaver ASF consultation, we can still see some holes in the ASF protection. And also remember, those days ASF is made so anyone who want to take over your business can infect your farm with ASF.

Brian Vendelboe
Pig farmer
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