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Article published the October 15, 2021:

Why should we worry about farrowing systems for sows: insights from studies on maternal behavior?

Maternal investment, sow behavioural needs and criteria for housing designThe reproductive strategy of producing large broods and smaller young, resulting in a higher mortality rate, fits the picture of do...
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Inger Lise Andersen
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Article published the July 7, 2021:

Common Problems in Breeding Sows

COMMON PROBLEMS IN BREEDING SOWSThe high prolificacy of modern genetic lines provides extraordinary productivity, but at the same time increases the frequency of problems which, if not managed properly, will in...
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Arança Castellón
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Article published the September 30, 2016:

Sow lameness overview in the South African pig industry

The South African pig industry is no different from other pig industry in the world with regard to sow lameness. More than 76% of the sows assessed for lesion scoring had a lesion in more than one claw, which i...
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Mashilo Phosa
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Article published the September 2, 2016:

Prevalence of Lameness and Claw Lesions During Different Stages in the Reproductive Cycle of Sows and the Impact on Reproduction Results

Implications Knowledge on the economic impact of claw lesions and lameness helps to understand how both the diseases influence economic losses, and indicates how these problems should best be addressed. The fac...
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Dominiek MaesLiesbet Pluym
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Article published the July 18, 2013:

Focus on lameness and claw health

Longer lifetime – better economy Only 20% of all sows achieve an optimal lifetime productionIncreasing the number of litters per year sow from 3.5 to 4.5 increases the earnings per year sow by Euro 30Almo...
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Article published the July 24, 2012:

Prevalence and risk factors of claw lesions and lameness in pregnant sows in two types of group housing

Claw and leg lesions in sows may cause lameness, and have detrimental effects on animal welfare. In the European Welfare Quality® protocol, lameness is one of the animal-based measures to assess animal welf...
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Liesbet Pluym
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Article published the April 15, 2011:

Lameness among Sows

Lameness among sows may be and must be regarded as a loss-making disease. Lameness is not a common state for sows, and several international studies indicate losses due to lameness amounting to 50 - 100 Eu...
Author/s :
Hans Aae
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