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Article published the September 2, 2019:

Effect of ractopamine on digestible-lysine requirement for finishing barrows under thermoneutral conditions

Author/s :
Evandro CardosoJuarez DonzeleRita Flávia Miranda de Oliveira
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Article published the July 29, 2019:

Lysine requirement for growing-finishing immunocastrated male pigs

Author/s :
Charles KieferGabriel Cipriano RochaJuarez DonzeleLeandro AlebranteRita Flávia Miranda de Oliveira
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Article published the July 2, 2019:

AH1N1 impact on the Mexican pork meat market

1. Introduction In April 2009, Edgar Hernández, a four year-old boy from La Gloria, El Perote in Veracruz, Mexico, was declared the first human infected with a new kind of virus that caused a type of pn...
Author/s :
Joana Chapa Cantu
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Article published the December 11, 2018:

Meat properties and fatty acid profile of swine fed cashew bagasse bran in qualitative food restriction program

Introduction Cashew bagasse bran (CBB) is characterized as a medium-value fiber and low-energy food containing 88.70% dry matter, 4.15% ether extract, 14% crude protein, 12.07% crude fiber, 1,123 kcal/kg of di...
Author/s :
Andreza MarinhoApauliana Daniela Lima Da Silva Elisanie Neiva Magalhães TeixeiraJanete Gouveia De SouzaJosé Aparecido MoreiraLorena Cunha Mota
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Article published the October 29, 2018:

Nutritional plans of digestible lysine for growing-finishing gilts

Introduction Protein deposition corresponds to the positive balance between protein synthesis and breakdown (Metayer et al., 2008). In an effort to maximize the protein deposition and optimize nutrient utiliza...
Author/s :
Charles KieferGabriel Cipriano RochaJuarez DonzeleLeandro AlebrantePedro Veiga Rodrigues PaulinoRita Flávia Miranda de Oliveira
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Article published the September 20, 2018:

Genotyping and antimicrobial resistance in Escherichia coli from pig carcasses

INTRODUCTION Antimicrobial agents are essential for the treatment and control of bacterial infections. Therefore, the increasing antimicrobial resistance observed worldwide in bacteria isolated from humans and...
Author/s :
Caroline PissettiJalusa KichMarisa Cardoso
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Article published the July 26, 2018:

Comparison of extensive and intensive pig production systems in Uruguay in terms of ethologic, physiologic and meat quality parameters

Introduction More than 60% of pigs are reared outdoors in Uruguay, with variable participation of pastures in feed (DIEA, 2007). Outdoor production systems with pastures are becoming attractive for consumers, ...
Author/s :
Oscar Blumetto
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Article published the July 4, 2018:

Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Meat Quality of Growing Pigs Fed Diets Supplemented with Crude Glycerin Derived From Palm Oil

Introduction The biodiesel industry from fatty sources generates glycerin, a by-product that can be used as an excellent source of energy for growing pigs. In Colombia, the installed capacity of biodiesel prod...
Author/s :
Ciro OrdoñezClaudia ArizaGerman Afanador TellezHernando Florez Diaz
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Article published the May 3, 2018:

Microbiological growth in normal and PSE pork stored under refrigeration

Introduction Pork is a world’s a valuable source of animal protein and Brazil is a country that may lead the swine’s production for being one of the largest grain producers, condition for sustainin...
Author/s :
Fabiana CaldaraIbiara Correia de LIma Almeida PazIrenilza Alencar NaasViviane Oliveira Nieto
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Article published the October 5, 2017:

Addition of arginine and leucine to low or normal protein diets: performance, carcass characteristics and intramuscular fat of finishing pigs

Introduction One of the characteristics that influence the quality of meat as perceived by the consumer is the amount of intramuscular fat (IMF), which is located within the structure of muscle. In terms of t...
Author/s :
Borja VilaEnric Esteve-GarciaMaria M. Font-i-FurnolsMarina Gispert MartinellRosil Lizardo
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