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A Natural Choice for Growth Enhancement in Farm Animals - 3 ESSDENDIS

Published on: 8/18/2020
Author/s : Ronnick FONG, Executive Director, Hangzhou DE Mark Industrial Co Ltd

Effective since July 1, 2020, China fully implemented the antibiotics-ban regulation, that is, in commercial feed, it is no longer allowed to add antibiotics for the purpose such as disease prevention and growth promotion. Feed production enterprises have to carry out innovative reforms from the aspect of product formulation that Enzyme, probiotics, Chinese herbal medicine, vegetable essential oils (EOs), Acidifier, etc. are included in the feed formula as alternatives.

According to a market survey conducted earlier by China Feed Industry Information Network to nearly 100 first-line feed producers in the selection of functional antibiotics alternative (multiple choice), Acidifier ranked first place with 84.75% recognition, other products that follow the ranking are: probiotics (67.8%), Enzyme (62.71%), Plant essential oils (59.32%), Plant extracts (52.54%), Antimicrobial peptides (45.76%), Herbal medicine (38.98%), Medium/Short-chain fatty acids and yeast products were 37.29% and Oligosaccharides 28.81%.

A large number of researches (some recommendations listed as below) show that plant essential oil has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant function for disease prevention and control, growth promotion, anti-stress and prevent the feed ingredients from molding. At the same time, they have characteristics such as no residues, no toxic, no resistance, therefore, more and more they are drawing people’s attention. Potential of essential oils for poultry and pigsUse of essential oils in poultry nutrition: A new approach, Essential oils and their use in animal feed for monogastric animals, and Impact of essential oils and organic acids on the growth performance...

Plant essential oils, at room temperature, are mostly oily liquid, almost insoluble in water, volatile, easy to lose, especially in the heat and humidity environment. Generally, EOs have a distinctive and intense aroma. High concentrations of EOs, however, have a strong irritation, which subsequently seriously affect the palatability.

3 ESSENDIS is an EOs preparation specially developed for animals through screening of antibacterial activity of various plant essential oils and applying full-release molecular embedding slow-release technology (fully water-soluble). Its active ingredients are carvacrol, thymol, and cinnamaldehyde. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, growth-promoting and other multiple functions. 3 ESSENDIS is highly stable, even adapt to the high temperature and high humidity environment in feed extrusion processing.

Available presentation: 3 ESSENDIS Dry and 3 ESSENDIS CWD

3 ESSENDIS Dry : Thymol + Cinnamaldehyde + carvacrol = 15%,and

3 ESSENDIS CWD: Thymol +Cinnamaldehyde = 10%

Customized presentations in different combination are optional for pigs, poultry and ruminants according to customer's individual requirement.

When supplemented to sow feed during lactation, the survival rate of weaned pig increased by 5.4%, weaned piglets gained extra weight of an average 700 grams (18.8%), sow limb hoof disease decreased by 23.4%, sow uterine inflammation decreased by 7.8%. The sow food intake increased, saliva secretion increased, eye drops significantly reduced, diarrhoea and respiratory diseases reduced.

When added for the laying chicken, it can be added directly in the drinking water as an alternative of antibiotics. 3 Essendis provides prevention and conditioning of inflammation such as the fallopian tubes, and effectively improves the out-looking of eggshells.

When added in the broiler feed, 3 Essendis can reduce feed overstock and water-like faeces, reduce the feed conversion ratio (FCR), improve survival rate, successfully passed the broiler meat drug test before the marketing.

While adding in the dairy cow diets, it has dramatically positive effects on the prevention and control of cow mastitis and endometritis, and reducing milk body cell number, etc.

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