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Article published the May 23, 2019:

Reducing dietary crude protein improves gut health in piglets

Feed is one of the most important component which accounts for 60 to 70% of the total cost of pig production. In commercial piglet diets, allowing only protein feedstuffs to meet the dietary lysine needs of the...
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Balachandar JayaramanPradeep Krishnan
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Article published the April 15, 2019:

Performance Responses, Nutrient Digestibility, Blood Characteristics, and Measures of Gastrointestinal Health in Weanling Pigs Fed Protease Enzyme

Introduction Weaning is a critical period in the pig rearing process. At this time, the piglets are exposed to different types of stressors (environmental, nutritional, psychological, and social), causing phys...
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Glenmer Tactacan
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Article published the March 28, 2019:

Taste enhancers optimizing performance on piglets through the gut health

Considering the impact of taste enhancers Commonly used in feed to enhance appetite by providing an attractive taste, the function of taste enhancers is to target the receptors of the 5 main tastes, namely: sw...
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Article published the January 14, 2019:

Polyherbal Antidiarrheal and gut function modulator for pigs

“All disease begins with the gut.”- Hippocrates Post weaning diarrhoea or problems related to gastro-intestinal tract is one of the most frequent causes of heavy economic losses in pig herds. The...
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Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey
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Article published the September 27, 2018:

Induction of Porcine Host Defense Peptide Gene Expression by Short-Chain Fatty Acids and Their Analogs

Introduction Infectious diseases continue to pose significant economic losses to the animal industry. The routine use of antibiotics at subtherapeutic doses for disease prevention in animal production practice...
Author/s :
Glenn ZhangLakshmi Sunkara
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Article published the August 14, 2018:

Gut integrity, intestinal microbiota and intestinal barrier or the strategy for enhanced performance and reduced medication and ZnO

Abstract The gut carries an important responsibility in selecting what can be absorbed and what should remain outside the body. To put this in the right perspective, it is important to note that the surface ...
Author/s :
Dr. Milena Sevastiyanova
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Article published the August 8, 2018:

Precision delivery coated butyrate: tackling Salmonella in pigs while increasing performance

When Salmonella is present in the gastro intestinal tract (GIT) of pigs, it might contaminate carcasses during the slaughter process, and become a source of food poisoning and bacterial gastro-enteritis in huma...
Author/s :
Daniel Ramirez, Veterinarian, MBA.Tim Goossens
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Article published the August 2, 2018:

Functional amino acids to improve the immunity of pigs

Introduction Despite increased bio-security measures, pigs are often exposed to chronic sub-clinical level of diseases and climatic (heat) stress in commercial farms, causing a lower feed intake and performanc...
Author/s :
John Htoo
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Article published the June 15, 2018:

Effects of Formi (potassium diformate) on body condition and performance in sows

Potassium diformate (KDF) is a specifically conjugated acid double-salt (HCOOH HCOOK), patented by ADDCON and traded as FORMI on the European and world-markets. Potassium diformate has been approved in the Euro...
Author/s :
Christian LückstädtDVM Stevan Petrovic
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Article published the June 7, 2018:

Husbandry practices and gut health outcomes in weaned piglets: A review

1. Introduction Weaning is one of the most challenging phases in a pig's life, often accompanied by reduced growth performance and increased incidences of diarrhea (Leibbrandt et al., 1975; VenteSpreeuwenberg ...
Author/s :
Balachandar JayaramanMartin Nyachoti
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