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Article published the October 1, 2019:

Use of Silvafeed® Nutri P to prevent enteric disorders and boost zootechnical performances in weaned piglets

Background Efficient natural alternatives to antibiotics and high level of zinc oxide are urgently needed for the control of post-weaning diarrhoea in piglets. Silvafeed® Nutri P is a blend of plant extrac...
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Article published the September 6, 2019:

Effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae boulardii supplementation on gut microbiota in postweaning piglets in a context of antibiotics and ZnO removal

Background and objectives In a context of reduction of antibiotics and zinc oxide (ZnO), alternatives are needed to maintain animal health and growth performance. In a study conducted in post-weaning piglets, ...
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Fernando Bravo de Lagunagiovanni savoiniMathieu Castex
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Article published the August 28, 2019:

Effects of coated and potentiated ZnO on some gut health parameters in weaned piglets

Background and objectives The potentiated ZnO source HiZox® (Animine, France) was shown to be advantageous for piglet performances (Cho et al. 2015, Morales et al. 2012, Raquipo et al. 2017). More specific...
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Agathe RomeoJeroen DegrooteJoris MichielsNoemie Van NotenStéphane Durosoy
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Article published the August 22, 2019:

Factors influencing faecal myeloperoxidase in piglets from trials without in-feed therapeuticals

Background and objectives Without clear and accurate definition of gut health status, the design of feeding trials to study alternatives to in-feed therapeuticals (antibiotics and zinc oxide) is a challenge. G...
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Noëmie Lemoine
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Article published the August 21, 2019:

Fungal fermented product reduced post-weaning diarrhoea and increased growth performance

Background and objectives Fungal fermented products and their derivatives contain several compounds and may play a role in replacing antimicrobials in piglet diets. During fermentation, microbial enzymes produ...
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Article published the August 12, 2019:

1-Monoglycerides of short and medium chain fatty acids reduced pathogenic intestinal bacteria, post-weaning diarrhoea, mortality and myostatin level in piglets

Background and objectives The reduction of antibiotics and zinc oxide in the swine farming practice is an emerging topic at global level. Among promising alternatives, fatty acids and their derivatives proved ...
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Alessio PaoliManuela Parini
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Article published the August 9, 2019:

Acid based Eubiotics as Natural Alternatives to Therapeutic Zinc Oxide in Newly Weaned Piglets

Background and objectivesThe recent EU ban on therapeutic levels of zinc in animal diets has led to concern regarding potential performance losses and animal welfare. Potential alternatives such as organic acid...
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David HarringtonHeidi HallMartin Nyachoti
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Article published the August 5, 2019:

Decreasing Medicated Feed Additives and Improving Gut Health in Different Species with Microencapsulation

Introduction Since the mid-20th century, the livestock and poultry industries have seen advances in several areas including nutrition, genetics, engineering, veterinary medicine, and management, all of which ...
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L. Wayne GreeneWinston Samuels
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Article published the July 2, 2019:

Effect of substitution of corn for molasses in diet on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, blood characteristics, fecal noxious gas emission, and meat quality in finishing pigs

Introduction Molasses, a mixture of sucrose, glucose, fructose, minerals, pantothenic acid, etc., is derived from sugar-rich crops (beet, cane, blackstrap, etc.) and could be considered an alternative for cere...
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In Ho Kim
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Article published the June 25, 2019:

ImmunoWall®: Natural solution to control pathogens in the swine production

In these past years, the concept of food safety has become increasingly more evident in the food production, mainly when it is related with the export of products of animal origin, which is a huge challenge to ...
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Liliana Longo BorgesMelina Aparecida Bonato
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