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Safizym Feed enzymes for animal nutrition


Safizym is a range of cellulolytic & hemicellulolytic feed enzymes. Safizym is available in liquid and powder forms.

A range of cellulolytic enzymes obtained via the flooded fermentation of a carefully selected strain of Trichoderma longibrachiatum. SAFIZYM is available in concentrated powder form and diluted, or in liquid form. Each product in the SAFIZYM range contains an active ingredient specific to each cereal.

SAFIZYM X: the main activity of which is Xylanase.

SAFIZYM G: the main activity of which is β-glucanase.

SAFIZYM F: the main activity of which is cellulase/hemicellulase.





Commercial information

In the European Union, Safizym XP range (E1613) is authorised in broilers, layers, turkeys, ducks and piglets.