How to apply for a fishmeal import registration certificate (MARA license) to China

Published on: 2/5/2021
Author/s : Faraji Maleta / Ring One Technology Consulting

Application for registration of imported feed and feed additives Article 12 of the “Regulations on the Administration of Feed and Feed Additives” (Order No. 609 of the State Council): “For export to China of feeds and feed additives that have not been used in China but have been approved for production and use by the exporting country, they shall entrust an agency in China to The agricultural administrative department of the State Council applies for registration. For the first export to China of feed and feed additives that have been used in China and the exporting country has approved the production and use, they shall apply for registration in accordance with these Regulations.”

“Administrative Measures for the Registration of Imported Feed and Feed Additives” (Decree No. 2 of the Ministry of Agriculture 2014) Article 3: Foreign companies exporting feed and feed additives to China for the first time shall apply for import registration from the Ministry of Agriculture and obtain the import registration licenses for feed and feed additives Without an import registration license, it may not be sold or used in China.

According to the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture, the imported fish meal is classified to be a single feed, and it is necessary to apply for a MARA registration certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture At the same time, applicants need to apply to the General Administration of Customs for factories “List of countries that allow the import of feed ingredients, pet food, and compound feed”.

At present, leading countries to export fishmeal to China include, Peru, Russia, and Southeast Asia fishmeal all account for the top three Currently, many fishmeal factories in Southeast Asia have obtained the admission qualification of the General Administration of Customs and they are listed on the GACC.

Fishmeal and fish oil both are under single feed, and it is necessary to apply for the factory registration from the General Administration of Customs and have the feed import registration certificate approved by the Ministry of Agriculture

Currently, there are at least 23 countries that are qualified to legally export fishmeal and fish oil, and other aquatic proteins to China include: Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Denmark, Russia, United States, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Eldogua, Panama, New Zealand, South Africa, Mauritius, Morocco, Namibia, Mauritania, India, Iceland, Congo.

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