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·         Standardized combinations of olfactory and gustatory-stimulating molecules ·         
The intimate and patented combination of high intensity sweetener with potentiators and enhancers The tool to improve feed intake Specific ISO-FUSION technology® for unique properties
Standardized combinations of active substances naturally occurring in aromatic plants and spices, selected for their proven in-vivo effects The tool to promote performance and well-being across
Unique range of organic trace minerals (Zn, Cu, Mn, Fe…) with a patented crystalline and polymer structure The science-based tool to improve profitability Patented spraying technology leading
One of nature’s purest ingredients made from oak trees A powerful tool to promote intestinal animal welfare Unique process guaranteeing thermo structured pores
Selected combinations of organic and inorganic acidifiers for many animal species Wide variety of free, protected, and liquid acid blends to meet specific needs A broad range of tailor-made products
Patented concept answers the clearly identified needs of customers Combinations of our knowhow on product technology and knowledge in animal physiology
Unique palatants combining the high intensity sweetener SUCRAM® with sophisticated flavours Ideal solution for a complete sensory experience by stimulation of olfactory receptors in the nose, gus
Comprehensive mycotoxin management solution Binds polar mycotoxins, particularly aflatoxins Enhances the natural production of detoxification enzymes, improves the antioxidant status and well- being
PANCOSMA Aqua offers innovative products to support aquaculture nutrition. We bring you original feed additives, to enhance the health and performance of aquatic species. Scientifically validated thro
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