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The global population increases 50% in the next 4 decades. Livestock production and aquaculture has never been more challenging. Limited availability and changing quality of raw materials challenges intake, growth and performance. Growing customer awareness and governmental regulations, especially related to health & safety, challenge your business.

As manufacturer of state-of-the-art feed additives for more than 50 years we know the agricultural market. Still every day we are passionate about our work. Our ambition is to be our customers’ first choice in palatability, mycotoxin management and digestive performance. Every day our people work on finding ways to improve your production.

Being active in more than 80 countries, we understand the global issues thoroughly.

The experience of our dedicated local product specialists is available for you. In direct contact with you, we create the best practical solutions for today and tomorrow.


From product development to manufacturing technologies and problem solving: our constant aim for continuous improvement is supported by dedicated technical facilities and laboratories in Belgium, UK and USA.

Our production facilities include the most modern techniques for spray drying, spray cooling & coating and emulsion technology. All of them developed to improve and support the functionality of our products. Different manufacturing processes protect active components during feed production and allow target release: delivering nutrients where and when it is needed most.

We take our responsibility in the global food chain very serious. Every ingredient we use is carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards. All of our manufacturing facilities operate to the highest possible quality standards and systems that are independently audited to ensure full traceability and product integrity.

Our business is not just a matter of taking orders and dispatching goods. Our business is about developing and building long term partnerships with our customers. We move with our customers as they develop in response to market changes, anticipating to new trends, developing specialized products and constantly improving service and quality.


CEO Nutriad
Vice President
United States
Regional Director NACA
Estados Unidos de América
Business Manager, Feed Additives
United Kingdom
Global Scientific & Technical Manager - Palatability
United Kingdom