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January 25, 2021 to January 29, 2021
, Georgia, United States
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis
Saint Charles, Missouri, United States

SURF•ACE a liquid preservation premixture for poultry


In today´s economic and competitive environment, feed manufacturers must improve efficiency and production parameters in order to ensure profitability. That is easier said than done. Feed mills are faced with a variety of processing challenges and concerns including:

  • Maintaining high-quality feed
  • Maintaining pellet quality/integrity
  • Lowering the level of fines
  • Decreasing process loss
  • Increasing throughput per hour
  • Decreasing power consumption
  • Efficient utilization of steam
  • Efficient cooling of product before bagging


Many of these can be addressed with the addition of SURF•ACETM feed mill processing acid. SURF•ACE combines surfactant and emulsifier activity to help reduce the surface tension on the feed particles and aid in the penetration of added moisture.

SURF•ACE helps bind water to the fatty phase of the feed. Binding water with the dietary fat will artificially increase the level of fat in the diet that is recognized by the press (the final emulsion "behaves" like fat), resulting in a better lubrication of the machinery and a better press yield with similar motor energy consumption.

The addition of SURF•ACE does not affect pellet durability, as often happens with extra fat addition, but enhances durability as more crystal starch becomes gelatinized. Weight of the final feed is increased as the moisture is retained thus recovering the process loss. The result is a feed that has a better ratio of dry matter and moisture as intended in the formulation as well as substantial cost savings in the feed mill.