Fungi and Mycotoxins in Silage: an Overview

Published on: 07/21/2016
Author/s : V.A. Alonso 1,2, C.M. Pereyra 1,2, L.A.M. Keller 3,4, A.M. Dalcero 1,5, C.A.R. Rosa 3,4, S.M. Chiacchiera 5,6 and L.R. Cavaglieri 1,5 1 Depto de Microbiologia e Inmunologia, UNRC, Río Cuarto, Argentina, 2 CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 3 Depto de Microbiología e Imunologia Veterinaria, Universidade Federal Rural do Río de Janeiro, Brazil, 4 Conselho Nacional de Pesquisas Cientificas, Río de Janeiro, Brazil 5 CONICET, Buenos Aires, Argentina 6 Departamento de Quíimica, UNRC, Río Cuarto, Argentina

Originally published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology Introduction Silage consists in green forage preserved by spontaneous lactic fermentation under anaerobic conditions (Miller 2001). The primary purpose of making silage is to maximize the preservation of original nutrients in the forage crop with minimum losses in the nutritional quality that allows its use as fodder during periods of f...

Hassan Khan
Mr. Hassan Khan
Re: Fungi and Mycotoxins in Silage: an Overview
21/07/2016 | Great article ,However the mycotoxicological risk of different ensiling practices and determing of the most adequate method to minimize economic losses and reduce the hazard to animal and human health collected by the researchers need to be shared.
Further more as mentioned in the article that since silage making is a very ancient method of conserving the animal feed hence if a study could be designed to know that how much losses have been realized(Human & Animal) due to mycotoxin presence.

Thanks for such a good presentation of the matter.
Re: Fungi and Mycotoxins in Silage: an Overview
22/07/2016 | It was a good article
kevin omwenga
animal science
Re: Fungi and Mycotoxins in Silage: an Overview
09/08/2016 | Thanks for this article i really appreciate
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