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Animal Nutrition Severely Affected by Mycotoxins: Can Mycotoxins be Managed?

Published on: 05/26/2020
Author/s : Radka Borutova, Nutriad

Mycotoxins are highly toxic secondary metabolic products of molds. Mycotoxin producing molds damage crops which can cause great economic losses at all levels of food and feed production. Moreover, many of the mycotoxins interact with digestibility of nutrients, impair health, cause diseases and death in humans and animals which consume contaminated food or feed products. At the moment, there are ...

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May 26, 2020
Interesting approach. I think many approachs are needed to really combat the big problem of Mycotoxins. Our contribution is the TOXI-SCRUB machine that eradicates many different mycotoxins using Ozone to oxidize the energy rich double-bonds responsible for mutations in genomes. This serves as a good broad-band treatment of Aflatoxin, DON, Zearalenone and more. This treatment will lower the general Mycotoxin level and other means may then further reduce the concentrations and the exposure trough the feed. The world need all the technologies available.
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