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All Clays are not created equal. Fernando Tamames (Special Nutrients)

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March 27, 2012

All clays means, Colloidal clay, HSCAS, Bentonite...Among these, which is better? 
What are the other clays available globally for mycotoxin control?
Is there any interrelation between gut Ph & on the action of these clays? 
Is there any detoxifying agent instead of binders?

Fernando Tamames Fernando Tamames
Special Nutrients Special Nutrients
Miami, Florida, United States
April 4, 2012

Thank you for your very interesting questions.

Smectite type of clays are the ones that have better performance BUT still clays are like human beings there are not two alike therefore that is why they have to be tested in vivo prove that are capable of Target Organ Protection (TOP) against the toxin been tested.

There is interrelation with GI track and the clay. That is why in Brazil there are testing Anti Mycotoxin Adsorbents (AMA) per species because they have seen that an AMA can have TOP results in poultry for a specific mycotoxin but in swine or cattle has no TOP results against that mycotoxin.

The term Detoxification in many cases it is used incorrectly and / or infers the wrong connotation.

Many detoxifiers what they do is that they reduce the secondary effects caused by the mycotoxin (eg: improve the immune system) but had no effect on TOP.

Detoxifiers can also be considered products that biotransform mycotoxins but in these case you have to be very careful that the biotransformation does not transform the mycotoxin into a more toxic compound (eg Zearalenone into zeranol) or a compound that might not harm the animal but it might harm the human when injesting the meat, eggs or milk.

Products that work by biotransformation are very dependent on the conditions of the GI tract wich have to be optimal in order to work. Also if antibiotics are used in feed or drinking water can can distroy products (bacteria based) that work on the mecahism of biotransformation.

July 18, 2012
I have heard about the clays named 'Chlorites' and 'Elites' How well are these clays known for adsorption internationally. Does the rating of toxin binder depends upon the 'CEC' levels.
July 19, 2012

Dear Dr. Tamames,

I would like to comment your part about being careful with biotransformation of mycotoxins…

Up to now a lot of research has been done to adsorb or deactivate mycotoxins in feed with products that can be mixed into the feed and work directly inside the GIT of the animal. While the use of products based on aluminosilicates gave good results in counteracting aflatoxins, the adsorptive deactivation of other toxins - mainly trichothecenes (non-adsorbable), failed. Especially hydrated sodium alumino silicates (HSCAS) have been extensively studied because of their promising aflatoxin- binding capacity. Although HSCAS were demonstrated to be very effective with regard to preventing aflatoxicosis, their efficacy against zearalenone and ochratoxin A is limited and in the case of trichothecenes, it is practically zero (Ramos et al., 1996).

Biotransformation, which is proved by long term research and supported by several scientific publications, involves a very specific chemical reaction which is changing mycotoxin into non-toxic metabolite in irreversible and safe way. Very intensive research (in vitro and in vivo) in the field of biotransformation is a warranty that this methods of mycotoxin deactivation are working in optimal and sub-optimal GIT conditions in presence or not presence of antibiotics, acidifiers, phytogenics, probiotics etc.

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