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Dr. Mohammad Akram Hi, your recommendation is Ok.. The research I just concluded two months ago using naturally well ventilated houses gave a very good result. I strongly support your recommendations. Warmest regards, Nwose Roseline Bwuguru, Animal Nutrition and Forage Science (FUNAI) Ebnyi State, Nigeria.
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It is a nice knowledgeable presentation on control of heat stress.Ref. to Dr. Danny Hooge's article on the same subject, use of 0.4 to 0.5% Sodium Bicarbonate.(NaHCo3) in feed can be helpful to control the Respiratory Alkalosis and reduce the losses during high heat time.I have applied this recommendation in many farms of broilers, particularly naturally ventilated houses and got good results.Kind ...
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Vasant (Gowardhan) Butala Sure. That is one of the benefits. Plus you could avoid acidoses by decreasing of concentrates.
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Dr. Nauman Raja if we read then ratio is 3:1 but when you practically do with 5:1 and see the result
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Hi Lorenzo Quesnel ,STEPS FOR BALANCING AMINO ACIDS LYSINE AND METHIONINE IN DIET:1. Calculate metabolizable protein requirement for cow.2. After Metabolizable protein calculation actual lysine and methionine requirement are calculated as per NRC recommendations.3. Lysine requirement -7.2% of MP (Metabolizable protein calculated)4. Methionine requirement-2.4% of MP (Metabolizable protein calc ...
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It's my observation that incident of AIV is low as compared to IBV and bacterial secondary invasion.The complication occurs when no use of virus identification and isolation is done and on the basis of signs and symptoms, influenza is declared. One should conduct lab tests first, then claim diagnosis.
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Dr. Husam Bakri is very right as we have also experienced all these problems in Pakistan.We have acted 100% as Dr. Husam Bakri said & save the flock with a comprehensive vaccination program and a very high-level biosecurity whether there is disease or not. Once it enters in your area you have to be prepared to face it anytime, if it is not today, you never know when it will relapse. It is ...
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Hi, sir! It will be really nice of you of if you mail me your Atlas of poultry diseases for future vets.
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Calculus in the oviduct
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