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Hi Richard: In today's poultry industry, dysbiosis not only is seen in broilers but also is seen in layers (commercials and breeders) and we need a lot of steering to improve gut health in all kind of chicken. And not only the plant cell like NSP predispose the condition to change the microbiota but also the structure of feed, anti nutrient and biogenic amine do it also and foregut formation in ea ...
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Thanks a lot, Sandro Cerrate.
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Reza Mahdavi Thanks for your comments and let me clarify this more. As you mention, while adding more fat the emulsifier will have more effect on feed conversion, this is the first thinking as we all know the emulsifier helps to improve the fat digestibility. Making a meta-analysis with 21 publications and correlate improvement of FCR due to emulsifier, as compared to control diets, (Y axis, point ...
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Dear Sandro Cerrate,Thank you for your valuable article.You mentioned "pasty vent will improve the overall feed conversion" and "more fat in the diet the less effect on feed conversion due to emulsifier", but I think vice versa, as pasty vent destroying feed conversion and more fat in diet more effect of emulsifier supplementation in feed conversion ratio.Regards.
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Prolapse can be prevented by good management in rearing period. Reaching body target body weight in 5-6 weeks age is the first step in the prevention of prolapse, and body weight and uniformity in 15-13 weeks age (skeletal uniformity) is another important step to preventing it. Early sexual maturation which reproductive organ oviduct is not fully completed especially with a not uniform flock in 15 ...
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Dear Dr. Chandra the average weight(1500 grams) of your bovans flock in 23 weeks age is good for better understanding your flock problem it is necessary to evaluate some item as bellow :1- How much is the uniformity of your flock ? in this age it must be more than 85% how many of bird,s weight are lower and under the 10% of average weight? if the rate is high the problem is worse.2- if uniformity ...
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Hi Dr ogbu samuel oluwah: I,am veterinarian in IRAN as you and it is about 30 years working in a Barekat Company that have Ground Parent,-Parent breeder- , commercial layer chicken - also pullets and layer in production. have about 35% share in market . we are working whit Lohmann breed LSL lite for 15 years and before we worked by Hy-line W36- Bovans and Hisex breeds . according to my experienc ...
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1. IntroductionAntimicrobial drugs have a prominent role within the veterinary and animal sciences as they have been used not only for therapeutic and preventive purposes, but also as growth promoters [1]. Although the European Union has banned the latter practice, it is unfortunately still common in other countries [2,3].Tetracyclines are the main antimicrobial drugs currently in use for veterina ...
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Dear Dr. Atul Deshmukh, first of all, I apologize for the delayed feedback!Betaine, having three methyl groups and the so-called zwitterionic structure (being positively and negatively charged), is acting as a methyl group donor and as an organic osmolyte. As a methyl group donor, betaine can replace other potential sources of methyl groups: choline, partially methionine and folic acid. Methyl gro ...
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USPOULTRY and the USPOULTRY Foundation announce the completion of a funded research project at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, in which the role dietary calcium plays in necrotic enteritis (NE) development and pathogenesis was examined. The research was made possible in part by an endowing Foundation gift from the Sanderson Farms and is part of the Association’s comprehen ...
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