lecturer of avian disease (virology)
i research in all avian virological disease i have master degree in ostrich pox have PhD in adeno virus infection in birds
lecturer of avian disease (virology)
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INTRODUCTION Ostriches like any other poultry do not have teeth for chewing. They have a flat and broad beak for grasping or picking food and the tongue function as a prehensile organ and aids in swallowing feed. Thus, the birds require grits or other forms of particles with the aid of which the powerful ventriculus or gizzard musculature compress and break down feed into smaller particles for eas ...
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BackgroundAn H5 HPAIV outbreak that began in December 2014 and lasted 6 months through June 2015 was the 5th highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (HPAIV) outbreak in the US since the 1920’s and was the most geographically widespread. Direct and indirect costs to the US economy were estimated to be near $3.3 billion USD [1]. The hemagglutinin (HA) gene was determined to belong to clade 2.3 ...
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Probiotic therapy in NE is achieved by many routes
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Lisa Bielke, Professor at Ohio State University, discussed nutritional solutions like probiotics and organic acids in order to keep the gut healthy and avoid bacterial diseases, during IPPE 2017 in Atlanta, USA.
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Dear Dr. Yousef,Thank you for your questions. 1- We hade 3 new isolation on 2013 from different countries and we found that they are 93% - 95% close to the vaccines strain. From my field experience, the vaccine did a great job to control the AI, specially in layer and breeder. Regarding using the vaccine and not getting good protection, specially in broiler, the following reasons ar ...
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1. IntroductionSince 1990's, there has been a significant increase in the number of highly pathogenic (HP) avian influenza (AI) outbreaks and also in the number of birds involved in those outbreaks [1,2]. The most notable of these recent HPAI outbreaks is a series of H5N1 outbreaks started in China and Hong Kong since 1996, which then spread to other parts of the world including South-East Asia, t ...
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INTRODUCTIONCommercial poultry production is associated with various stresses decreasing productive and reproductive performance of birds. A growing body of evidence indicates that most of stresses in poultry production at the cellular level are associated with oxidative stress due to excess of free radical production or inadequate antioxidant protection. Recently, a concept of the cellular antiox ...
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Very interesting thesis
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Dear. ..When we study the main causes of deaths during Gumboro disease we found that not nephritis nor bleeding time is the main causes of deaths we found excessive amount of interluken and other immunological reaction is the main cause of deaths so shivering and viremia is the main symptoms in diseases folled by colder sense of chick and when use antihistamines in treating chichi it's a ...
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