News published on September 9, 2019
Michael Czarick (Extension Engineer – University of Georgia, Department of Poultry Science) will be one of the speakers at the Latin American Poultry Congress that will take place in Lima, Peru, from October 9th to the 11th. He is considered by the academic community as the principal authority in the design and operation of environmental control systems for poultry houses, and as the fath ...
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In Viet Nam we used Filter HEPA filters 5 year ago! and clearning problem
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Dr. Mike Czarick, thanks for bringing this topic to the forefront. I think variable fan control is underutilized in the poultry and other animal industries. There is so much variability and savings to be had in several area's. Just the use of soft start capability and off the shelf equipment savings are well worth the look. VFD's are great at solving problems and tracking energy usage. They are be ...
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I'm not sure why the term "overfeeding of antibiotics" is used. The antibiotics have been used for their stated -and FDA approved- purpose of improving growth rates and feed conversion. It's not like the industry has been sneakily using them for nefarious purposes just to improve profits.
Article published the August 21, 2019
During the summertime, most broiler producers would not consider a house temperature in the low 80's of particular concern, even with a house full of near-market-age birds. But in truth they should be. Because without sufficient air speed, the use of evaporative cooling pads to keep house temperature to a minimum can cause bird body temperatures to quickly rise even if the house temperature is r ...
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A good article about Tunnel fan shutter indeed.
Participation in Forum on May 28, 2019
Mike Hulet Thank you for the references.
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Could you please provide a reference for the following statement: Exposing young birds to high temperatures can condition them to survive high temperatures when they are older. This procedure consists in raising the temperature in the broiler house to 37 °C for a few hours every day between 5 and 7 days of age. Acclimatised birds will survive better if high temperatures occur after 30 days Thank ...
Video published on March 15, 2019
Mike Czarick (University of Georgia) talked about the use of filters and the relevance of biosecurity in poultry houses, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
Video published on March 15, 2019
Mike Czarick (University of Georgia) discussed the effect of temperature of pads on humidity, as well as water usage, during IPPE 2019 in Atlanta, USA.
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