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Lee Baxter Hi Lee: Of course the calculator has its weakness. For instance, if it is relatively warm outside and humid the required ventilation can seem excessive but that is the nature of the situation. When you are having problems utilizing the "recommended" minimum ventilation rate the question is, is the ventilation wrong or is there problem with how you are brining in the air? For instan ...
News published on August 30, 2021
By Claire Marie Coleman As the No. 1 poultry producing state in the U.S., Georgia’s poultry industry generates more than $3.8 billion annually. Part of sustaining this vibrant economic driver for the state is keeping millions of birds healthy and marketable. A new innovation from University of Georgia poultry researchers may provide a more efficient and effective method of determi ...
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Gerardo RosalesDo you measure the humidity? Ideally it would be around 60% if it is much higher the minimum ventilation rate should be increased regardless of the calculated value.
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The calculator provides a starting point. Are you monitoring house humidity and adjusting minimum ventilation rates accordingly?
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Gerardo Rosales In the summer time I would think that you would not be operating the fans on timer and more on temperature. How do you determine how much to operate your fans on timers?
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Gerardo Rosales In general the shorter the timer cycle the more consistent the house temperature and air quality will be. For instance, operating minimum ventilation fans 1 minute out of 5 will produce less temperature variation and air quality variation than operating them 2 minutes of of 10. Since the house temperature varies less sometimes you will save fuel. We typically do not use a time ...
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Mr. Harish Garware I am unclear what specific question are you looking for me to answer. Variable speed fans for power savings or for minimum ventilation?
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Mr. Harish Garware Similar limitations but their use is more possible due to the higher ventilation rates typically encountered in tropical climates.
Article published the July 30, 2021
One of the purposes of preheating a broiler house is to insure the litter is properly dried prior to chick placement. Research has shown that the higher the litter moisture level, the higher the level of ammonia production, potential for bacterial growth, paw damage, and likelihood the chicks may be chilled by sitting on cool, damp litter. Furthermore, high litter moisture levels will tend to re ...
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