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I like the article very much, it follows simple theory: chicks are like small kids and the first few hours, first two days, are very important in its life cycle in which their behavior is decided out of which eating and drinking behavior is more important. This would decide about the flock uniformity and the growth pattern of the flock.
Article published the July 20, 2020
High ammonia affects broilers in many ways. Research has shown that ammonia concentrations as low as 25 ppm can reduce bird weights at 28 days of age by two to seven percent while 50 ppm ammonia has been shown to reduce bird weights from 16 and 19 percent (F.N. Reece et. al., 1980, D.M. Miles, et. al., 2004). Ammonia exposure has also been shown to reduce feed conversion by approximately one poi ...
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Article published the July 20, 2020
Getting chicks on to feed and water as quickly as possible after arrival on a farm has long been recognized as the key to maximizing overall performance. If provided the ideal environmental conditions and plenty of feed and water, chick weights should increase by roughly 50% during the first 48 hours compared to only 2% over the last 48 hours of the flock! Quite simply, the less time it takes ch ...
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Newsletter related to our two year test of the DOL53 ammonia sensor
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Andy G Tuazon; Dr. Tuazon, I have not used the Gastec ammonia detector. We have used the following hand held detectors, Drager, PAC 7000, 3-M's Single Gas Detector model 450-455-104 A, and the Honeywell gas detector model 128-266-1-3. These gas detectors are available from the Grainger distribution company 9avaiable on line). All of these models can detect the ammonia, however they assay only for ...
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Roberto L Rosales we will be publishing the latest list of the top performing tunnel fans in the next few weeks.
Article published the June 9, 2020
When building a new house or retrofitting an older one, tunnel fan selection is one of the most, if not the most important decision a producer has to make. A house’s fans are essentially the engine of the ventilation system and as a result have a significant effect on a producer’s ability to maintain the proper environmental conditions throughout the year. Furthermore, with rising elec ...
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Botter3249 I encourage you to take a little time to read the newsletter a little closer. The house will not reach set point unless you are in a very dry climate. If you are then it is better to split your pad system in to three or four sections each with its own pump. Then you would turn on the systems one by one until the proper temperature is reached.
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Randie Marah Sorry that is out of my area of expertise.
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Better understanding of ventilation management for a poultry house under high temperature & high external humidity conditions with energy (electricity) input conservation.
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