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appreciate this holistic approach
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Natural Remedies is the leading herbal healthcare company in India. We manufacture and market top quality herbal veterinary products with sustainability practices. In 25 years of its existence, Natural Remedies has successfully carved its own niche in the Indian market as the No.1 Herbal Veterinary Healthcare Company.
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Except feed machinery, ZhengChang is also specialized in manufacturing dies of pellet mill. With high quality materials, ZhengChang produces more than 4000 pellet dies each year. Recently, ZhengChang has updated production equipment to machine pellet dies more efficiently. Large numerical control lathe, which can machine various types of dies with large diameter, the ma ...
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Seems logical.
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Khalid Hasan Khan, Director Marketing for Hilton Pharma - a Silvateam distributor in Pakistan- explains the importance of using Silvafeed® ByPro for ruminants in Pakistan, during Silvafeed Technical Seminar in Bangkok, before VIV Asia 2017.
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Well, consumption of raw milk wouldn't be hazardous provided the milk is harvested from healthy (i.e., disease free) animal and and handled under a very sanitary environment. It should be noted that if processed milk is not properly handled post after processing could be more life threatening if consumed the than the raw milk.
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Dear colleagues. Hi, it is good topic, if the animal is free of above mentioned diseases the raw milk consumption could no be harmful but the milk that came out from nipple of the teats due to bad sanitation is hazardous for the health. Other point is the availability of antibiotic and it is residues in milk after treatment especially if the withdrawal period of antibiotic is longer, from health a ...
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It is a beautiful article for brain storming. Traditionally farmers prefer raw milk consumption but ill effects are not recorded and symptoms appear late and in different shape so consumer blames something else responsible for that disease instead of raw milk. Very practical approach and alternative left for is pasteurization only
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Then how is it far more people who drink raw milk are healing themselves from issues like Crohn's Disease, even Celiac Disease & other digestion related issues? As well as kids who have issues with drinking store bought milk, but thrive & gain weight from drinking raw milk? Or adults who are lactose intolerant & can't drink store bought milk or ice cream, but can consume raw milk & ice cream made ...
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There is no doubt on the fact that calcium soaps protection is not 100%, but it is true that they are cost-efficient in comparison with other more "complex" ones. The mechanism is in theory good, but it is not possible to know the speed of enzymes release as it depends on diet composition, passage rate, etc. As a consequence, we could finally find that they are too much protected and/or released ...
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