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The protein in alfalfa silage is subject to extensive degradation to non protein nitrogen (NPN) in the silo. Furthermore, the NPN in alfalfa silage is rapidly degraded to ammonia in the rumen and, if not captured as microbial protein, will end up largely as urea-N excreted in the urine. Milk production and milk nitrogen (N) efficiency have improving potential through amino acid balancing. Milk-N p ...
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Introduction  Tannins are commonly defined as water-soluble polyphenolic compounds ranging in a molecular weight from 500 to 3000 Daltons. Muller-Harvey (2006) reviewed the effects of different types of tannins on animal nutrition and health. Results indicates that tannins form a highly diverse group of natural products with promising nutritional, veterinary, and environmental effects. Studi ...
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Use a blend of plant extracts as dietary antioxidant in animal productionThe objective of this article is to provide an introduction on oxidative stress, some concepts and suggestions to improve the efficiency of dietary antioxidants, including Silvafeed® ATX blend of plant extracts. This article is based on many concepts recently published in some important reviews (e.g. Bradford et al., ...
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And Zinpro, Global Animal Products, what happened?Regards.
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IntroductionVitamins are organic compounds needed in minute amounts that are essential for life. A vitamin must be in the diet or be synthesized by microorganisms in the digestive system and then absorbed by the host animal. Currently there are 14 recognized vitamins of which four are fat-soluble and ten are water-soluble, but not all animals require all 14 vitamins (Table 1). When an animal absor ...
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For many years dietary protein binding has been considered the main property of tannins within animal nutrition, but more recent speculations have highlighted many other mechanisms of action for tannins.Antispasmodic effect on gastrointestinal passage, reduction of rumen starch degradation, local immune response modulation and antioxidant effect are some known examples, but perhaps the most import ...
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In México we use to and the results is similar to the said Dr. Barajas.
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Look the work of Ruben Barajas of México in Feed lot bulls, but is with a mix of the tannins condensend and solubles.
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