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Given the increasing pressure to limit the use of antibiotic growth promoters in animal production, the availability of alternative approaches to maintaining animal health and productivity becomes imperative for the poultry industry. Essential in evaluating such an alternative is its ability to promote and maintain gut health, which can be measured by 1) gut integrity and morphology, 2) intes ...
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Hello. I am a layer Poultry farmer based out of Barwala RaipurRani Haryana. I have been meaning to explore and understand ABTL product offerings for my farm. Yet, i have not been able to have a representative visit my farm and discuss. Can some one ne proactive enough to book an appointment and hence enlighten me? Warmest, Virinder 8308 127 869 Modi Farms
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Requesting the same information for commercial layer poultry white leghorn bird( BV 300: babcock) on age/ production/ body weight and age basis.
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Virinder gupta Dear Sir, I will pass your information to the India sales organization. Thanks for the query.
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Nice animated video. Can a representative contact me fir this eve other product offerings'available? I am a layer Poultry farmer based out of RaipurRani Barwala Haryana. Anticipating a revert, Virinder 8308127869
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INTRODUCTIONThere has been a substantial global expansion in egg production by the layer industry as the volume of egg production has increased by 119% (35.5 vs. 76.8 million tonnes) from 1990 to 2018 ( (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, 2018). This growth represents an average annual increase of 2.84%. China produced 458 billion eggs in 2018, and the USA ...
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Erm, hello. I am a layer Poultry farmer based out of Barwala Haryana india. Requesting you to send representative for Adisseos' product offerings'? You can contact me at 8308127869 or Much Gratitude
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This is an excellent presentation on the use of enzymes in monogastric animal. Use of enzymes to obtain optimum performance of monogastric through maximum utilization of available nutrients in feedstuffs cannot be overemphasized. With the present situation of continuous increase in the price of feed, use of alternative feed ingredients hitherto not utilize as feedstuffs must be considered. Use of ...
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Erm, from my little understanding, Mintrex has methonine content as well. If my layer egg weight is already 60g, hence dlm and choline is reduced significantly in feed. If one uses your TM, how do you recommended changing/altering feed formula(DLM in particular) in older layers?
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IntroductionThe use of enzymes in modern non-ruminant production has become universal. This is due to the extensive benefits observed on the productivity of both poultry and swine with its use. Although most feed ingredients used in monogastric nutrition contain adequate nutrients, monogastric animals are not able to efficiently utilize all the nutrients present in these ingredients. This has been ...
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