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Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd (ABTL) is a nutrition and enzyme technology company offering pioneering products and technical services to the global animal feed industry. ABTL combines in-depth knowledge of enzyme technology, animal nutrition, with current research and expertise in science to deliver u...
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3/8/2023 - Thailand
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ABTL is participating in the 9th Kolkata International Poultry Fair 2023 from 09th February to 11th February at Science City Exhibition Ground, Kolkata, West Bengal. See more information below.  
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Multi-enzyme solutions for sustainable poultry.: Maximizing nutrient utilisation and profits.?? 1. New multienzyme solution improves feed digestibility, enabling significant reduction in dietary nutrient levels, and increasing nutrient retention. ? 2. Therefore, broilers require less nutrients into feed and less natural resources; nutrient excretion is decreased, and sustainability in poultry i ...
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1. Persistent increase in the feed prices has been a major constraint in most of the developing countries like India. 2. As a consequence, cheaper and non-conventional feed ingredients have to be used which contain higher percentage of NSP’s. 3. Use of exogenous enzymes in feed provide flexibility in using alternative ingredients without compromising birds performance by reducing anti-nutritiona ...
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Yes, no doubt, india is a important country for feed/ food production in the world.For Bangladesh, is more important than other Countries- products are easier to import, less transport cost, others technical support, language communication etc which are getting more benefits from india. So, thinks to honorable M D of ABTL for such type of online seminar.
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Mr. O.P. Singh - Managing Director of ABTL Enzymes, speaks about some problems the Indian Poultry Industry might face and the role of India in feeding the world
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It was overwhelming response for all four days in poultry India 2022. Glad to meet industrialist and stakeholders, sharing knowledge and expertise on technology, food safety, efficient production and progress in poultry industry. Thank you all of you for visiting ABTL booth and making the event memorable.
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Looking back i can say that the Poultry India Exhibition 2022 was a very successful exhibition. The response was really amazing and everyone was excited to meet each other and communicate the new technologies and innovations coming. I'd like to thank everyone who made it memorable with an everlasting experience.
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Mr. O.P. Singh - Managing Director of ABTL Enzymes, shares his overview of the innovation, findings and the experience of the event Poultry India 2022
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