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INTRODUCTION Avian coccidiosis is major parasitic disease of high economic concern in the poultry industry worldwide and is caused by at least seven distinct species of Eimeria apicomplexan protozoa that infect the various areas of intestinal mucosa. The economic loss for avian coccidiosis is estimated to be more than $3 billion worldwide (Williams, 1999) and this cost includes in-feed medication ...
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Anjum Naqi t seems to me that disinfection of the litter will not give the desired effect, since not every disinfectant can destroy the shell of the oocyst, and it is almost impossible to do such treatment in the presence of chickens. Disinfection to remove oocysts from the environment is best done without bedding during the preparation of the chicken coop for colonization. This will reduce the n ...
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Conclusions Overall, feeding B. subtilis DSM 32315 significantly improved feed efficiency and growth performance under enteric challenge conditions; Furthermore, dietary supplementation of B. subtilis DSM 32315 had beneficial effect attenuating the changes caused by the C. perfringens infection by increasing the frequency of Ruminococcus and unclassified m ...
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Thanh, First, thank you for your comments. The standard vaccination day for variants strains 14 days and the class one one day old. Using variants strain day one just when you are fasing IB probable at early age. To get good results from live respiratory vaccine make the interval between them at least 12 days.
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In the event From Seed to Feed, this round table was held t by Dr. Prashant Kumar Mishra and with the participàtion of Dr. Julieta Sierra, Ing. Ignacio Cabrera and Dr. Juan Antonio Serratos. They discussed how productivity in poultry farms has improved in recent years, the contribution of genetic selection, nutrition and management, and some nutritional advances in poultry production.
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Cesar A. Lopes Well explained and outlined, thanks for sharing your insight and experience.
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