Article published the November 19, 2021
One of the reasons chicken meat is considered a healthy food is due to its relatively low-fat level. Black soldier fly (BSF) larvae are a promising alternative feed ingredient for monogastrics, including poultry. However, the impact of feeding BSF larvae in broiler diets on the fatty acid profile of the breast chicken meat remains unknown. This study aimed to investigate the impact of up to 20% BS ...
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Article published the March 15, 2021
1. IntroductionIn free-range and aviary housing systems, individual hen behavior can vary significantly, such that, some hens rarely access the outdoors while others utilize the range regularly [1–4]. Free-range and aviary housing systems provide hens with horizontal and vertical space, allowing for various choices, opportunities, and interactions; including dust bathing, sunbathing, perchin ...
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Article published the February 24, 2021
1. IntroductionOne of the main goals of free-range egg production is to optimise laying performance and egg quality while supporting hen health and welfare. However, opportunities provided in the free-range system allow for the expression of a variety of behaviours, interactions and physical experiences (e.g., being exposed to uncontrolled environmental conditions) which may impact hen health, wel ...
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