Article published the December 30, 2019
Introduction Lysine is the first limiting amino acid in corn-soybean meal-based diets for pigs during the postweaning period (ROSTAGNO et al., 2011; NRC, 2012), and is commonly used as a reference when estimating the nutritional requirement for other essential amino acids (NEMECHEK et al., 2012). The standardized ileal digestible lysine (SID Lys) requirement of pigs is affected by several factors ...
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Article published the September 9, 2019
Introduction The association of all the stressors related to early weaning of piglets results in reduction in daily feed intake, especially during the first week. The interruption of feed intake in this phase results in intestinal villous atrophy and increased crypt depth (Pierce et al, 2005). According to Pinheiro & Machado (2007), the performance of piglets in the first week after weaning ...
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Article published the June 18, 2019
Introduction Over the years, animal nutritionists have developed alterations in the quality of diets intended for broilers aiming to increasingly adapt these diets to meet the nutritional requirements of these birds. Studies on the protein nutrition of broilers have considered the use of digestible amino acids in the formulation of diets, which makes it possible to reduce the amount of dietary pr ...
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