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https://ae.linkedin.com/in/e-talebi-796a374a https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=DhjGYfIAAAAJ&hl=en I am currently working as an academic Assistant Professor of animal science (Genetic and bio
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Hossam Munir Khereba Thanks, dear Hossam, that is completely right. We are going to publish extra information in the coming article.
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I request to try the same with natural vegetable or herbal products, which contain the organic acids like for citric acid Lemon or Indian goose berry (Amla fruit), by which the results will be positive.
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Dear Ganesh Kumar Dahal Thank you very much for your suggestion. Sure
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I request you to also try combination of Formates, sorbates & benzoate organic salts for positive response as a good acidifier.
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Santiago Ramírez (FCR Consulting Group) discussed feed formulation, probiotics and phytogenics, during the 1st PoultryUniverse Coccidiosis Congress in Curitiba, Brazil.
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Dairy cattle herd
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INTRODUCTION Aflatoxins are defined as difuranocyclopentanocumarines / difuranopentanolidocumarines this contains a dihydrofuran or a tetrahydrofuran ring. One of the most important effects of post harvest decays of fruits, vegetables and especially of seed and feed deterioration by fungi is the produce of mycotoxicoses. This is a disease of animals and humans following consumption of feeds and ...
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INTRODUCTION During the last 50 years, as a growth promoter in farm animal, the use of antibiotics has been questioned. It is clear that antibiotics benefit for growth, performance and health in animal and poultry. Most of antibacterial performance promoters have been prohibited, because feeding of antibiotics is risky which the last ones removed in January 2006 (Neu, 1992). The adjustments follo ...
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Herbal methionine is very effective when we replace it at level of 50 percent. For example if you are using 2 kg of synthetic methionine than you can replace 1 kg of that with herbal methionine and can keep 1 kg as synthetic. There are many trials done with this level and the performance observed was higher than even when compare to 100 % DLM in formulation of poultry.
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To optimize the growth and production of animals, we have long realized good nutrition is key. Trace mineral supplementation has been simplified to strictly meeting the parts-per-million requirements set out in the nutrient requirement tables, with little attention given to the form in which the mineral is provided. Recently, there has been more interest and research on the influence trace mineral ...
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