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Are we exaggerating the problems of Mycotoxins? Ewa Sujka Higuera, Head of Sales Department at LIPTOSA, discuss the main issues producers face fighting mycotoxins, during IPPE 2019
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Nice article
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Endotoxins (lipopolysaccharides or LPS) are part of the cell wall of Gramnegative bacteria. During growth or bacterial lysis, LPS are released and can transfer to blood and tissues. In poultry, the intestinal microflora is the most important source of endotoxins, and the GI tract the main risk site for transfer from the lumen. Several factors (e.g. heat stress, mycotoxins, pathogens, feed transiti ...
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I use butyrates (Na or Ca) in broiler feeds; powder, protected form. They work well in the gut -modulate the microbiota and protect willi. They are particulary useful when no feed antibiotic (AGP) is added. But the "job" must be done in lower gut (intestine) not in the stomach. Then my doubt is how they could pass the stomach without protection-via water. The positive result is proven for powder,p ...
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dr Piotr Stanislawski I have similar view as well, unless the concept of application of Butyrates in protected form is proven to be erroneous or there is another explanation based on technology in this new application, which is not yet clear..
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