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The best way is to achieve an efficient, effective and cheaper way of mycotoxin diagnosis like litmus paper testing of alkalinity and acidity. Is there a method that works like this? Thanks
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Good,but how to make strain type also more,that is very difficult,nearly this work start for Geographically.will try.any have thank you very much K.Balasubramanian Referral Lab Suguna Foods Pvt Ltd Cell 9360346150 My mail id
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Very nice, which feed using, how many days use,cost.pls share my mail id. K.Balasubramanian Referral lab, Suguna foods Pvt Ltd, Cell 9360346150 My mail id
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Dr. thank you and great work. I want to know how to identify the IB variant strain in PCR. Please inform and give the primer design and cycle conditions.Thanks,K.Balasubramanian.
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Dr.Goodmorning, your R&D work is very use for poultry field.i need primer design and programme setting for PCR.  My mail id
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Background Clostridium perfringens is a bacterial pathogen that causes a wide variety of diseases ranging from gas gangrene and food poisoning in humans to necrotic enteritis in chickens [1]. Aside from host factors, the type and severity of disease is dependent on the production of a set of toxins and extracellular enzymes [1]. Most C. perfringens toxins are not produced by all strains; their st ...
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How to make storage low moisture and avoid moisture loss?
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Sir, Good evening, How to identify the field strain and vaccine strain in modern lab.
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What is the Qualification and any Experience in poultry?
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Thanks for your information
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