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ICC adding value to nutrition Founded in 1992, ICC was born with roots in yeast additives development. Over the years, ICC became a leading innovative biotechnology company with a strong dedication to solutions aiming at animal performance, health foundation and food safety. Our technologies ...
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Dear Jose Chipollini , Yes, I can. The trial that I mention is about to be published, but you can acess at: Send me your email contact to share more information. Kind regards Melina
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Melina, can you provide the data or studies that show the impact of ß-glucans in your product on cytokine production or enhancing the innate immune response against Salmonella enteritidis in chickens? Thank you, jose
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Dear Dr. Kb Bohara , This is just a short video explaining brief the mode of action. I'll be glad to share our published scientific studies in peer-rewied journals. If you want more information, please send me your email contact. Kind regards Melina Bonato, PhD.
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Serkan arslan we can observe a decrease in some pathogens (such as Salmonella and E. coli) and an improvement in immunity status (we can measure vaccine titers, for example). And as a consequence, improvement in BWG and FCR.
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The safe management and meeting nutritional requirements ensure animal welfare and higher quality to farms Maintaining animal health and following biosafety standards on farms is essential to take full advantage of the poultry’s potential. This process will not only improve product performance, but also prevent ongoing challenges. Dr. Melina Bonato, R&D Manager at ICC Brazil, a pioneer ...
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PHILIP QUINN ImmunoWall is derived from the process of sugar cane fermentation in ethanol production, and is made up of around 35% ß-glucans (1,3 and 1,6) and 20% Mannan-Oligosaccharides (MOS). ß-glucans are recognised for their phagocytic cells, encouraging them to produce cytokines which will initiate a chain reaction to induce immunomodulation and enhance the responsiveness of the innate immun ...
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What is Immunowall? Beta-glucans?
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fazal Malik Malik thank you for your interest. Can you please send me your email contact?
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 A balanced microbiota is vital for the intestine to have good function, in addition to gut integrity. The microbiota is formed by non-pathogenic microorganisms, which are of key importance for the metabolism and the absorption of nutrients and other compounds consumed by animals. A healthy microbiota has a high diversity of microbial genera in perfect balance, allowing an increase in the met ...
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Article published the April 28, 2020
On the past two decades, diseases caused by food have been emerging as a major and growing public health and economic issue in many countries. Due to recent world crisis with some animal products,food safety is one of the most important and valued attributes by consumers. According to FAO and USDA, 25% of world agricultural crops are contaminated with some kind of mycotoxin and, as a consequence ...
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