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Dear Minichle Yigrem Gedamu thanks for asking. We have discovered further interesting benefits beyond muscle development, like for instance heat stress mortality reduction. We are present and active in your area. I will put you in contact with my responsible colleague. br Robert
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George Entz I agree with you, you should always know what the fight is. Chlorine can cause problems too if its dosage is too high. And depending in which area you are chlorine maybe already is present in your water lines. In some areas you have max of chlorine and so adding is not always possible. And chlorine and too much is bad especially for poultry and new research show as well for pigs. organ ...
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Transparency!Traceability!Scientific evidence and field trial reports authenticating tall claims?Rest falls in place Professionally*Why most of the players in this sport not being Sportive?Else it's...
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Withanaloids would do for the above Claims at its Most efficient and economical cost on established scientific facts since 2000 years*
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Joshua Jendza it is.
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IntroductionOil and fats are usually added to the diet of poultry to enhance the energy density to produce energy-rich formulations. In order to ensure adequate levels of linoleic acid, and to improve palatability and reduce dustiness of diets, all poultry diets require a minimum of 1% added fat, regardless of other economic or nutritional considerations.1 It was shown that there was different con ...
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Joshua Jendza Appreciate ?? Pl find herewith your content - my Concern. *This is different from the marketing term "Organic", which means in compliance iwth some sort of process certification like USDA Organic* No compliance, many such products in the Indian poultry industry are being sold on larger volume Unethically. Neither scientific backup Nor Field tried. Thank you.
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Why How an acid in any form is defined Organic as prefix?
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Why glacial acetic acid is different than other organic acids regarding poultry GIT?
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Do you have operations in India?I have a business proposal.
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